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How to score an Eames chair replica without getting ripped off

Get the iconic chair at a fraction of the cost—but be careful!

An Eames chair against a colorful background Credit: Reviewed / Herman Miller

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The classic Eames Lounge chair created by designers Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller furniture company in 1956 has an air of sophistication and a mid-century modern vibe with its grained wood and comfortable leather cushioning. Unfortunately, it also comes with a price tag that makes it a prohibitive purchase for the average shopper.

Kudos to you if you’re lucky enough to have inherited an Eames Lounge chair as a family heirloom or scored one at an estate sale.

If you haven’t, but you’re looking to add an authentic Eames Lounge chair to your living room or office, expect to shell out upwards of $8,000.

The modern design of these chairs have proven to be timeless. For the steep price tag, you’re paying for the original craftsmanship, but we understand if it’s still hard to swallow. Fortunately, you can find a great Eames chair replica that offers the same modern design for less.

While there are plenty of replicas of the iconic chair on the market, finding the right one—and, importantly, a reputable one—is a difficult task when the internet is flooded with chairs that look great in pictures but may falter in quality upon arrival.

To make sure you’re ordering a replica of an Eames Lounge chair that won’t disappoint, there are a few key things to seek out when looking for a chair.

Buy from a reputable source

An Eames Chair replica staged in a room.
Credit: Herman Miller

The best way to seek out a reputable chair is to go to a reputable retailer.

The best way to seek out a reputable chair is to go to a reputable retailer. This means your classic retailers like Wayfair and Overstock that you’ve likely already purchased furniture from.

Seeking out replicas from these sources can be a safe bet since these retailers have customer service representatives who can help you if an issue with the product were to arise.

These retailers often have clearly defined and reliable return policies you can feel confident when making a purchase that you can return it if you’re not satisfied.

Avoid third-party sellers

An Eames chair replica against a colorful background.
Credit: Reviewed / Corrigan Studio

When it comes to purchasing products from reputable retailer sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, there’s one asterisk: Be wary of third-party sellers.

Many reputable retailers like Amazon and Walmart will also offer items from third parties. Tread carefully when it comes to purchasing an Eames chair from a third-party seller.

You can spot these sellers when the retailer site notes that an item is shipped and sold by a seller rather than, say, Amazon itself. This means that the item never passes through an Amazon or Walmart warehouse, so you lose the safeguard of another set of eyes quality checking the product. In other words, you can’t be assured of exactly what you’re getting.

Read customer reviews

An Eames chair replica against a colorful background.
Credit: Reviewed / Overstock

Think of reviews as a best friend when it comes to purchasing items – they're first hand accounts of purchasing an item.

Think of reviews as a best friend when it comes to purchasing items. They are first-hand accounts of the product, so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Major retailers like Amazon and Wayfair have verified reviewers who they confirm have purchased the item so you know their reviews are from real people and not bots.

Even if you can’t find a verified reviewer on a website, seeking out products with an abundance of reviews and star ratings of 4-plus are the best way to feel confident in your purchase.

Eames Lounge chair replicas you should check out

An Eames Chair replica staged in a room.
Credit: Corrigan Studio

Things to look for in an Eames chair are the natural grain wood, leather cushioning, and metal swivel base.

Things that really embody the Eames chair design are a natural wooden frame with black leather cushioning and a chrome swivel stand. There are some lovely designs out there from credible stores that are worth checking out.

The Corrigan Studio Dajai design from Wayfair is a great option to replicate the original design with its walnut wood and black leather. It comes from a reliable retailer who can offer customer service if a problem were to come up. While it only has one review, it’s still credible as the reviewer is a member of the Wayfair reviewing community and has verified that they received this piece of furniture.

Another option that looks just like the original design from Overstock. This walnut, swivel Eames chair replica has all the qualities you love from an Eames chair at a fifth of the price of an original. Overstock is another credible site that offers guaranteed returns within 30 days of purchasing. Additionally, this Eames chair replica has over 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars, making it a quality choice.

Shop at Wayfair

Shop at Overstock

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