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Here's how to get a discount at Whole Foods if you have Amazon Prime

Yet another reason to love Amazon Prime.

Here's how to get a discount at Whole Foods if you have Amazon Prime Credit: Tassii / Getty Images

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If you have an Amazon Prime account and you shop at Whole Foods, there are deals and discounts you could be missing out on. Beginning on Wednesday, June 27, Amazon will offer Prime-exclusive deals at every Whole Foods location across the country (select locations have had this for a while now). In addition to perks like free two-hour delivery via Prime Now, your Prime membership can also unlock exclusive deals on select products and extra savings on sale items.

But your cashier won't automatically know if you're part of this exclusive club unless you prove your membership status—kind of like Costo, but less exclusive. To ensure you're saving as much as possible and reaping all the benefits of your Prime membership, keep reading to learn how to unlock Amazon Prime Whole Foods savings. I promise it's actually super easy.

2 keys to unlock Prime discounts at Whole Foods

There are two different ways to take advantage of savings at the register when you check out at Whole Foods as an Amazon Prime member.

First, you can download the Whole Foods app and have the cashier scan a QR code. Bear in mind this is not something you can access in the Amazon app. If you don't have the Whole Foods app (available on iOS and Android), you need to install it.

Whole Foods App
Credit: Whole Foods

The app is the easiest way to see what's on sale while you shop.

You'll be prompted to log in with your Amazon account info, automatically linking your Prime account. The app is very straightforward with one tab to access the QR code, one to browse sales, and one to check your account details. If your Whole Foods wasn't an early adopter, you'll see the notification below (far left) until Wednesday. But after that, it'll show a QR code as pictured above.
Whole Foods iOS App
Credit: Reviewed / Samantha Gordon

The Whole Foods App is pleasantly uncomplicated.

Second, if you don't want the app or don't have your phone, you can provide the phone number associated with your Prime account (or with your roommate's account, you sneaky sneaky). Seems simple, right? It totally is.
Whole Foods Prime Availability
Credit: Amazon

On Wednesday, Prime savings will be available at every Whole Foods in the country.

Not sure what number you used? On a desktop browser, log into Amazon, navigate to "Your Account" under the "Accounts & Lists" dropdown menu, and then click on "Login & Security" to find your phone number. In the Amazon app, tap on the menu in the top left corner, choose "Your Account," and then go to "Login & security," which should be the first option under the "Account Settings."
Amazon Prime Whole Foods Phone Number Verification
Credit: Amazon

Sync your Amazon account details with your Whole Foods app for easier access.

The Whole Foods app allows you to add a phone number as well, so it's easy to track donw while you're in line. You have to sign in to your Amazon account a second time, which is especially annoying if you have a complex password, but it'll pull the same number that's linked to your Prime account.

How to find all these exclusive Whole Foods deals

In addition to newly reduced prices on a number of items (thanks to Amazon acquiring Whole Foods int he first place), Prime members get even more discounts and offers than the average shopper. There are weekly offers of everything from produce and meat to frozen foods, baked goods, cleaning products, and more.

Whole Foods Prime Sale Items
Credit: Amazon

Every week, you'll find exclusive Prime discounts on all sorts of items, from grocery to household.

To find out what's on sale, you can sign up for emails containing the latest deals and other Prime-exclusive offers. If you don't want yet another notification popping up on your phone all the time, skip the email and stick with the Whole Foods app. Here, you can browse Prime-exclusive deals any time, even as you shop.

Or, if you like to take chances, you can simply do all your shopping as normal, scan your QR code or input your phone number, and see if you happened across any sale items. You can also reap these benefits by ordering via Prime Now (if it's available where you are), which is free as long as your order is at least $40.

All the perks of Amazon Prime at Whole Foods:

  • Weekly Prime-exclusive deals on products across all departments
  • Extra 10% on sale items with yellow sale signs (excluding alcohol)
  • Free two-hour delivery in select cities with Prime Now
  • 5% back at Whole Foods Market when you use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa (typically 3% at grocery stores)

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