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1. Makeup for every skin tone

Credit: Fenty Beauty

Honestly, it’s annoying that Rihanna is not only an international pop superstar, but a wildly successful businesswoman through her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. Just pick one thing to excel at! We’ll let it slide this one time though, as her foundation line produces 40 different shades, allowing all women, no matter their color, to get a tiny glimpse into the glam world of Ri-Ri.

Get the soft matte longwear foundation for $53.39

2. Oprah approved undergarments

Credit: Amazon

Spanx have quite literally been supporting women for 18 years. Invented under the notion that undergarments should be just as comfortable and flattering as outerwear, these simple yet genius items have taken the world by storm. The true mark of their success should be that inventor Sara Blakely is the youngest self made female billionaire in the world because of them. But we really know they’re good because both Oprah AND Michelle Obama have given seals of approval.

Get the SPANX women’s power conceal-her mid shorts for $60

3. Lemonade with a touch of inspiration

Credit: Me and the Bees

Ok, obviously lemonade isn’t made just for women, but the founder of this brand has an entrepreneurial spirit that every woman should embrace. Mikaila Ulmer appeared and made a deal on Shark Tank at the ripe old age of 9 with her flaxseed lemonade. Now, at the age of 13, her product is sold in hundreds of stores across the country, having partnerships with giants like Whole Foods and Wegmans. If this doesn’t give you hope that the next generation of women is here and ready to take on the world, then honestly, you need to have a better outlook on life.

4. The closet of your dreams

Credit: Canva

Rent the Runway isn’t so much a product, but an experience. Founders Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss knew all too well the feeling of having a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear, when they realized what women really need is a constantly rotating virtual closet. With Rent the Runway you have can have the latest trends at your doorstep in just the click of the button (if they could figure out how to have a personal hairdresser arrive as well, then we’d REALLY be helping out ladies everywhere).

5. A little test for life’s big moments

Credit: Amazon

There used to be a time when gasp you had to go into the doctors office, take a test, wait a couple weeks and only THEN would you know if you were pregnant. In the late 1960s, then 26 year old Margaret Crane thought there had to be an easier and quicker way to find out if you were pregnant, so she invented her own at-home test. While the technology has improved since her original patent, the real kicker is how widely accepted an at home pregnancy test is now. When Crane brought the idea to her two (male) bosses at the time, she was practically laughed out of the office.

6. Jewelry with a purpose

Credit: Fair Trade Winds

Yes, these bracelets are adorable and eye catching, but more importantly, they are a statement that you are helping women across the globe. These particular sets of jewelry help women in Guatemala. The women in rural communities are empowered to run their businesses, which in turn, helps strengthen their communities by generating income and helping reduce the cycle of poverty. All that from just a few bracelets? More please!

Get a set of earth bracelets for $42

7. One of our favorite makeup tools

Credit: Reviewed/Jackson Ruckar

This tiny tool has taken the world by storm and for good reason. Invented by a professional makeup artist, the beautyblender allows users to apply makeup like a pro, without any weird streaks or lines. As one Amazon reviewer so eloquently puts it “I finally gave in and bought it and immediately regretted ever doubting those girls on YouTube who never stopped talking about it.” Yep, the hype is real.

Get the beautyblender original for $19

8. A bra that you won’t want to immediately rip off

Credit: Evelyn & Bobbie

The first and most obvious clue that the Evelyn & Bobbie bra was invented by a woman can be described in just two words: no underwire. These bras actually mold to your body and the lack of wire doesn’t leave them poking and cutting into you. Why it has taken this long for something like this to come around, the world will never know. The biggest bonus though is their bras come in not one, not two but FIVE different “nude” skintones. Whoever originally thought that “nude” came in only one shade clearly never had enough human interaction.

9. The future of feminine hygiene

Credit: Amazon

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a feminine hygiene product knows that they are expensive, not eco friendly and depending on your body, something you have to constantly be replacing throughout the day. The DivaCup offers the solution of an earth friendly, 12 hour leak free period product. Why the name? The inventors used the Italian origins of diva, where it was originally used to describe a female deity, a powerful woman whose talent resembles that of the gods. Finally, a company that truly appreciates women so much that they name it after how powerful we are.

Get the DivaCup for $23

10. Saving grace for pregnant bellies everywhere

Credit: Amazon

Unlike most encounters with a pair of jeans you can no longer button, the inventor of the Bellaband took her struggle and turned it into a goldmine for pregnant women everywhere. This stretchy maternity band holds up unbuttoned or loose pants, so you don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe for the duration of your pregnancy. While this is made for pregnant women, I honestly think men whose pants are always falling down should invest as well. If it’s comfortable enough for a pregnant woman, it’s definitely comfy enough for a beer belly.

Get the everyday maternity Bellaband for $23.00