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The 10 most popular Thanksgiving trends for 2017

Pinterest's holiday report is here!

An elegant Thanksgiving table Credit: Maison de Pax

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It's that time of year again. You know, the time when most retailers and certain coffee stores (cough, Starbucks, cough) shove Thanksgiving aside, leaping abruptly from candy corn to candy canes. The awkward time in which shelves are stocked with holiday decorations as the remnants from Halloween lurk characteristically behind.

Why is this happening?!

Well, we are here to tell you that Thanksgiving is coming, and it deserves some love.

This one's for you, Turkey Day.

Pinterest is celebrating the gorge-tastic holiday with their annual “Holi-Yay” trend report—a list that details the most popular turkey day (and other holiday) pins that we the people search for, and likely fail to recreate. With more than 750 million holiday ideas saved each year (gasp), Pinterest skims the top to predict what’s in for the season.

Visit Pinterest's “2017 Holi-YAY” trend report board for all the top saves and searches this Thanksgiving.

Here are the top trending Thanksgiving ideas straight from the “Pinsights” team.

1. Healthy versions of traditional dishes

GF squash stuffing
Credit: Paleo Running Momma

This turkey season, people are turning toward vegetarian alternatives, as well as swapping out heavy carbs for lighter options, like this gluten-free squash stuffing by Paleo Running Momma. We offer our suggestions on how to prepare a lighter Thanksgiving meal, using quinoa for a hearty but healthy protein alternative. If you are looking to prepare a noodle dish, consider swapping out the pasta for zoodles with our top-rated spiralizer, which costs less than $10. If you are dining without unbuttoning, then you are doing it right.

2. Greenery

Greenery tablescapes
Credit: Maison de Pax / Homey Oh My

I am a mediocre cook, at best—and in a family with a professional chef, I am definitely not needed in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. Luckily for me (and everyone else eating the meal) I focus my creative energy on designing and decorating the tablescape, a task I love to take way too seriously. This year, warm tones are out and tablescape trends have embraced neutral tones, and a lot of greenery. This natural aesthetic is subtle yet elegant—and looks manageable to DIY at home! Also trending on the table? This whimsical, DIY greenery garland by Homey Oh My that you can hang by the table for the perfect photo-backdrop to your bountiful meal.

3. Mini everything

Mini desserts
Credit: One Little Project / The Blond Cook

Making miniature versions of larger dishes is a trend that has jumped in popularity, with a 401% increase in search from last year. People are turning everything bite-sized—especially desserts—and it is honestly genius. These apple pie bites by The Blond Cook and these adorable pumpkin pie pops by One Little Project are among some of the most popular recipes. We would suggest tackling all of your holiday baking on one of our Editor’s Choice baking sheets (under $12) for the best results. Miniature desserts, minimized guilt! (Unless you are like me and think "bite-sized" means "eat 7.")

4. Spiced-up place settings (literally)

Cinnamon sticks
Credit: Homepolish / Jillian Harris

Add a nice, aromatic touch to each place setting by tucking a stick of cinnamon into each napkin like Jillian Harris does. This sweet but simple detail will likely impress your guests, and it is one of the top trending tablescape details that pinners are loving.

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5. Pressure cooker recipes

Pressure cooker
Credit: Amazon / Eating on a Dime

Pressure cookers have made a serious comeback this year, with everyone and their mother making recipes this kitchen gadget in some capacity. The convenience and speed provided by a pressure cooker definitely lends to the astounding 1066% increase in “pressure cooker recipes” since last Thanksgiving.

Pinners are turning to their pressure cookers to whip up delicious classics like these mashed potatoes by Eating on a Dime and this apple cider by The Homemade Cook (Yes—you can make apple cider in a pressure cooker!). But we recommend skipping the pressure cooker, and instead purchasing 2017’s best kitchen gadget, The Instant Pot—it has the capabilities of not only a pressure cooker, but a slow cooker, yogurt maker, and more, all wrapped into one. Our editors highly recommend this 6-quart, 7-in-1 Instant Pot, which will likely go on sale as we near the holiday season. It is our favorite kitchen gadget of the year.

6. Festive DIY garlands

Pumpkin pie garland

Martha Stewart is the queen of the holiday season—at least I’d like to think so. This simple DIY pumpkin pie garland is the product of her creative genius, so naturally it made its way onto the Pinterest trend report.

7. Cooking Keto, that diet you've heard all about

Keto recipes
Credit: Keto Connect / Wholesome Yum

For those unfamiliar with the Ketogenic diet (also known as keto), it requires a 75 percent daily fat intake, 20 percent daily protein intake, and only a 5 percent daily carb intake, as described by Today. Basically, eating a lot of butter is encouraged. The popularity of Keto recipes has rocketed, up 4460% since last Thanksgiving. Pinners are saving diet-friendly recipes like this paleo cranberry sauce by Wholesome Yum, and this mashed cauliflower with keto gravy by Keto Connect. If you are looking to cook Keto, we’d recommend tools like our favorite cast iron pans, which become more seasoned when cooking high-fat foods, and our choice for the best chef’s knives of 2017 to ensure the perfect cut of meat.

8. Jumbo recipes to feed your entire family (and still have leftovers!)

Slab pie
Credit: Pillsbury

In my family on Thanksgiving, there are many mouths to feed, and many different palettes to appease. With simple, crowd pleasing bulk recipes, you can kill two birds with one stone. (See what I did there?) For ornery adults, make this cranberry apple sangria by Whitney Bond—we are sure the bowl will last you and your family the entire night. For the sweet-toothed family, these slab pie recipes by Pillsbury are perfect for a large crowd—and they’re up in popularity by 115% since last year. Nobody complains about leftover pie, at least I would hope not.

9. Bringing back the classics

Classic recipes
Credit: My Gluten-free Kitchen / Chef In Training

Lastly, Thanksgiving classics—the ones that appear on everyone’s table year after year—are trending like crazy. This year’s top classic recipes according to Pinterest’s trend report include these gluten-free dinner rolls (recipe saved over 41K times) by My Gluten-Free Kitchen, and this sweet potato casserole (recipe saved over 149K times) by Chef In Training. For casseroles or stews that you’d serve straight out of the oven, our editors recommend using a Lodge Cast Iron dutch oven as the best affordable alternative to an otherwise $300 dutch oven.

10. Millennial pink

Pink pumpkins
Credit: Oh Happy Day!

As a millennial, I used to resent the name of this color, but in all honesty I—along with every other young person I know—love this muted hue. Now, this top searched color on Pinterest is making its way onto Thanksgiving tablescapes too. According to Pinterest, people have been pinning millennial pink Thanksgiving decor this year more than ever. This modern look by Oh Happy Day would be perfect for a casual Friendsgiving—with people of all generations!

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