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This single-serve cocktail maker is the boozier version of your Keurig

All the drinks with none of the work

Bartesian Credit: Bartesian

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For someone who loves half-priced happy hours and bottomless brunch mimosas as much as I do, I'm surprisingly terrible at recreating my favorite drinks at home (aka I'm too lazy to go through the trouble of actually measuring everything and mixing it properly). So the idea of a Keurig for cocktails? Yes, please.

Enter the Bartesian: A single-serve cocktail dispenser that promises boozy beverages with just the touch of a button. Currently available online for $299 on the company's website, the mixology machine is expected to hit stores sometime in July. But with such a high price tag, is it just worth it to attempt to make your own cosmos at home?

How does it work?

Credit: Bartesian

All you have to do is pop in a pod.

Similar to our favorite pod coffee makers, the Bartesian uses individual capsules to create custom cocktails. However, unlike the Keurigs of the world, you don't fill the machine with water—you fill it with the alcohol brand of your choice for vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey.

As added customization, after you insert the pod, you'll be able to choose the strength of your drink, from mocktail to strong (which is the equivalent of a double). The screen on the top of the machine will also recommend what type of glass to use based on which cocktail you've selected. Pretty fancy.

What exactly are in the pods?

Each recyclable capsule is crafted by an expert mixologist using a combination of fresh fruit juices, bitters, and non-alcoholic liqueurs that can be stored at room temperature. That means that not only are all of the necessary ingredients already included (you can avoid an extra trip to the grocery store) but there's also no need to break out a cocktail shaker or even measuring cups.

What drinks can I make with it?

Credit: Bartesian

So. Many. Options.

So far, there are seven classic cocktails to choose from: a cosmopolitan, margarita, rum breeze, sex on the beach, whiskey sour, uptown rocks, and old fashioned. But Bartesian plans to add more to the menu in the future. On its website, the company lists a gimlet, gin martini, Long Island iced tea, and mango margarita all as "coming soon."

Is it worth buying?

Senior E-commerce Writer Courtney Campbell, who admits to being a big Keurig fan herself ("I can't brew a proper pot of coffee for the life of me") says, "This fancy machine seems like it would be similar for those of us who can't make a good cocktail. Although it's wildly expensive and not entirely necessary, I like that you can choose different strengths and your preferred liquor for a more customized experience."

And even if you are a master mixologist, there's something to be said for the convenience factor. As Campbell points out, "Having a personalized bartender could be exactly what you need after a long day!" We'll raise a glass to that.