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10 women-owned home décor brands we love

The ladies represent

Left: women wrapped up in tan pattered ChappyWrap blanket, right: book ends designed as two women by Justina Blakeney Home Credit: ChappyWrap / Justina Blakeney Home via Jungalow

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Small businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic, but women-owned businesses have been disproportionately affected, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Here at Reviewed, we are always looking to show our support for our favorite brands and products, especially during challenging times. And, what better time to support women-owned brands than during Women’s History Month.

More specifically within the home sphere, if you’re looking to spruce up the place you’ve been spending all your time this last year, open your wallet to give a boost to these 10 excellent home décor brands that—you guessed it—are created and run by ladies.

1. Bolé Road Textiles

Bright pink pillows on wooden bench next to bright pink and orange rug
Credit: Bolé Road Textiles

The Karo Pillow, featured in the middle of the two other pillows, uses natural dyes to create a bold color block pattern.

New York-based designer and founder Hana Getachew wanted to combine her interior design career with her love for handwoven Ethiopian fabrics. Enter: Bolé Road, Getachew’s passion project that brings home goods inspired by her cultural heritage and her own personal globally-inspired aesthetic to consumers.

Bolé Road Textiles works directly with women-owned businesses in Ethiopia—all of which are provided fair wages—to create beautiful, handwoven textile-based home accents and furniture through intricate Ethiopian weaving techniques.

Shop Bolé Road Textiles

2. ChappyWrap

Two women founders of ChappyWrap on couch under ChappyWrap blanket
Credit: ChappyWrap

Chappywrap's Beth and Christina sought out to create high-quality blankets made with natural cotton blends and high-performance fibers.

This family-owned business is run by mother-daughter duo Beth LaSala and Christina Livada, who work to fulfill the company’s mission of creating quality blankets from plush, natural cotton blends that are made in Germany.

Home senior editor Leigh Harrington has two of them, which she keeps on her couch for cozying up while watching TV.

“ChappyWrap blankets are my go-to no matter the season,” she says. “They’re not weighted blankets, but they have a heft to them and a fuzzy weave that’s comforting, especially on a cold night or when my air conditioning is blasting. Plus, they have lovely geometric patterns and neutral tones that match my style.”

Shop ChappyWrap

3. Indigo Arrows

White and black patterned kitchen cloth next to white coffee mug, bowl of eggs, and a cutting board with bread on it
Credit: Indigo Arrows

The Niswi Linen Tea Towel reflects a 3000-year-old Anishinaabe pottery style.

Designer and founder Destiny Seymour designs artisan textiles that follow in the footsteps of her Anishinaabe ancestors, the Indigenous people of Manitoba, Canada.

Seymour’s Indigo Arrows company hand crafts home décor pieces like pottery, linens, and pillows that are inspired by ancient Indigenous patterns.

Her goal is to honor this history, creating patterns and products that people can feel a connection to without having to visit a museum.

Shop Indigo Arrows

4. The Sill

Plant in pot on desk next to framed photos and other desk accents
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

You can buy a plant from The Sill by itself or with a stylish planter.

Trendy online plant retailer The Sill offers a unique way to shop for plants, whether you’re a first-time plant parent or a seasoned caretaker.

Eliza Blank, founder and CEO of The Sill, created her company in 2012 to make plant care convenient and accessible in a time where the digital retail space was booming.

The Sill aims to create a seamless shopping experience that takes the guesswork out of properly taking care of plants by providing specific plant care instructions and even online plant care workshops—hopefully, resulting in fewer tragic plant deaths.

We tested out The Sill and loved the wide variety of fairly-priced plants you can choose from.

Shop The Sill

5. Jungalow

Two bookends designed like two women sitting on wooden table with fake plants inside
Credit: Jungalow

These ceramic Face Bookend Vases were designed by Justina Blakeney exclusively for Jungalow.

Designer, artist, and founder Justina Blakeney started Jungalow in 2009 as a blog, with a mission to inspire creativity and good vibes in the home. Since then, her blog has grown into a large-scale lifestyle brand that features her own signature décor and art prints, along with several curated home goods from across the globe.

Homeowners who love a good splash of color can take a peek at what Jungalow has to offer. Blakeney encourages homeowners to “decorate wild,” selling bold wallpapers, intricate rugs, and other beautiful accents that are sure to make a statement.

We previously highlighted this eclectic home goods retailer in our list of Black-owned home décor brands to shop. You can shop on Blakeney's Jungalow website or browse a collection of Jungalow available at Target.

Shop Jungalow

6. The Citizenry

Bed with tan comforter and patterned pillows next to woven side table with a plant sitting on top
Credit: The Citizenry

The Citizenry offers everything from ethically-sourced bedding to planters to wall hangings.

Co-founders Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley turned their passion for collecting crafted home goods during their travels into a centralized online marketplace with artisan partners from Turkey to Japan to Portugal and beyond. The Citizenry prides itself in preserving artisan craftsmanship, and is committed to paying wages that meet the Fair Trade requirement.

“Every rug has an incredible story of artistry, and you can see the sense of place in the design. One of my all-time favorites is the Asha rug. It's what I selected for my office at The Citizenry headquarters,” says co-founder Nance.

This sustainable company sells beautiful home goods like kitchen bowls, throw blankets, and ottomans, all ethically sourced from artisans around the globe. You may have seen products from The Citizenry across your Instagram feed.

Earlier this year, I tested a couple products from The Citizenry to see if the sustainable brand lived up to its hype. It does.

Shop The Citizenry

7. Ruggable

Bulldog playing on Ruggable rug next to couch and storage baskets
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Ruggable can withstand tough stains, including those created by your fur babies.

Imagine stylish rugs that always stay fresh, clean, and stain-free. No need to keep dreaming about such a product—it already exists. Conceptualized by Jeneva Bell, Ruggable creates chic rugs that are also machine washable.

After suffering many years of ruined rugs thanks to pet stains from her dogs, Bell decided to create the brand to help other homeowners enjoy their rugs for years—and avoid the painful breakup with their favorites.

We tested Ruggable last year and have been huge fans ever since—the rug’s two-part material (a top decorative layer and a bottom velcro adhesive layer) was easy to set-up and wash.

Shop Ruggable

8. Clare Paint

Mint blue wall next to all white couch and lamp
Credit: Clare

Clare paint formula resists dirt, grime, and mildew while being free of toxic, carbon-based solvents.

Oftentimes, homeowners who are looking to renovate their homes may feel overwhelmed by the painting process. This is where Clare Paint comes in. Founded by interior designer Nicole Gibbons, this online paint retailer aims to simplify the shopping experience by providing high-quality paint, giving expert color recommendations and providing key resources like simple peel-and-stick swatch samples.

Clare Paint offers tons of aesthetically-pleasing hues, all of which meet Zero VOC and GreenGuard Gold Certified criteria, which rate products based on low chemical emission and healthy indoor air quality support.

Shop Clare Paint

9. Bee’s Wrap

Person opening up Bee's Wrap on lap with sandwich inside
Credit: Reviewed / Tessa Bahoosh

Bee's Wrap works great for wrapping up your lunch for on-the-go eating.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate sustainability into your home, we suggest swapping your kitchen’s disposable plastic for some Bee’s Wrap.

Similar to clear plastic wrap in purpose, Bee’s Wrap is a flexible cloth finished with a thin layer of beeswax to create a natural bind that can encase food and keep it fresh. When we tested out Bee’s Wrap, we loved how effective, versatile, and even stylish the wraps are.

Bee’s Wrap founder Sarah Kaeck tells us that she was inspired to create the product after growing sick of constantly throwing away disposable food wrap.

While the environmental implications of Bee’s Wrap is major, Kaeck—who also happens to be an avid baker—told us it’s ideal for keeping food fresh.

“It breathes just a little bit, which is actually a very healthy environment for your food—it’s great for wrapping cheese, half of an avocado, or half of a lemon,” says Kaeck.

Shop Bee’s Wrap

10. Parachute

Women sitting in grey bathrobe on bed with white comforter
Credit: Parachute

Parachute's Classic Robe with over 1,400 5-star reviews.

Parachute founder and CEO Ariel Kaye has always been a design enthusiast and wanted to expand the home goods market to the digital world. Since 2014, her brand Parachute has been offering consumers high-quality bedding, bath accessories, and more.

Parachute has a clean and modern aesthetic that blends well with many home styles, whether you’re a minimalist or just looking to add simplicity to a loud design.

We’ve tested Parachute’s top-rated bathrobe and give it two thumbs up for its high-quality, luxurious feel—it even scored a spot as our best overall terry cloth robe choice.

Beyond this, Parachute’s classic towel ranked as our best overall choice for bath towels.

Shop Parachute

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