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10 classic picture books for kids that adults can enjoy too

Where's your sense of whimsy?

Credit: Pexels

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You don't have to be a kid to love picture books. I mean, who doesn't love beautiful illustrations and a rhyming verse or two? Most picture books encourage us to face our fears and treat others with kindness. These messages are more relevant than ever, given today's tense political climate. Besides, I think we can all benefit from adopting a more tolerant attitude. In honor of the stories that inspire us and make us better people, here are 10 amazing picture books that adults and children will love.

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1. Journey

Credit: Amazon

Journey is a wordless picture book about a girl and her special red marker. The full-bleed illustrations are positively breathtaking. It's the perfect story for a dull, cloudy day.

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2. A Book of Sleep

Credit: Amazon

A Book of Sleep makes for an excellent bedtime story. Owl takes you on a magical moonlit journey through the forest, where he watches other animals settle in for the night.

Buy now on Amazon for $5.85

3. Shadow

Credit: Amazon

Shadow is one of the most underrated picture books of all time. The minimalistic illustrations are simple but effective. The illustrator really knows how to use negative space.

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4. The Quiet Book

Credit: Amazon

This charming picture book explores all the different kinds of quiet a child experiences throughout the day.

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5. The Lost Thing

Credit: Amazon

The Lost Thing is about the peculiar friendship between a colossal, teapot-like creature and an average guy. It's wonderfully weird.

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6. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Credit: Amazon

You can't go wrong with Mo Willems. This book is absolutely hilarious.

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7. The Paper Bag Princess

Credit: Amazon

This book is a delight. If you like stories about no-nonsense Princesses, then this is the book for you.

Buy now on Amazon for $6.95

8. Flotsam

Credit: Amazon

Explore the mysteries of the deep in David Wiesner's Flotsam. It's the perfect gift for the budding marine biologist in your life.

Buy now on Amazon for $13.34

9. Where the Wild Things Are

Credit: Amazon

This classic will reconnect you with your wild side.

Buy now on Amazon for $11.84

10. Me... Jane

Credit: Amazon

This touching picture book follows the story of a young Jane Goodall and her toy chimpanzee.

Buy now on Amazon for $12.75