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10 items under $40 that will help you unwind after a long day

Because self-care is important

From meditation pillows to salt lamps, we curated a list of affordable self-care products you can get on Amazon right now. Credit: Instagram

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Whether you're a single parent about to come face to face with the new school year or a full-time student about to leave the comforts of home, you're going to feel some stress. There's no need to go it alone, however: we've rounded up ten very affordable self-care products to help you get the upper hand on stress. From exfoliating mud masks to meditation cushions, this list has it all.

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1. This mud mask will tighten your skin as it dries

This mineral-rich mud mask absorbs excess oil, removes dead skin, and helps prevent acne. Your face will feel as soft as a Queen's satin pillow.

Buy now on Amazon for $13.25

2. This resuable cooling pad provides instant cooling

Most people buy cooling pads for their beloved pooches, but I recommend using them on your office chair after a long workday, as it'll help release tension in your lower back.

Buy now on Amazon for $19.99

3. Unwind with a Game of Thrones coloring book

Are you inundated with work? Is your day chock-full of meetings? Take five minutes to work on a page from this Game of Thrones coloring book. I bet you'll make that direwolf really pop.

Buy now on Amazon for $10.97

4. Wash away the day's troubles with a colorful bath bomb from Lush

Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients. They usually change the color of your bathwater. Oh, and Lush products are 100% natural and cruelty free.

Buy now on Amazon for $15.50

5. Too drained to cook? Throw a Grub Mug in the microwave

Grub Mugs has microwaveable french toast. I repeat. Grub Mugs has microwaveable french toast. This is not a drill.

Buy now on Amazon for $20

6. In need of some pampering? Check out this unicorn brush set

Nothing's more relaxing than doing your own makeup. According to one Amazon reviewer, the bristles are pretty soft.

Buy now on Amazon for $14.99

7. This salt lamp gives off serious relaxation vibes

Salt lamps are a growing phenomenon. They supposedly deodorize the air by absorbing positive ions (whatever that means). My sister has one in her living room and swears by it. If pseudoscience isn't your thing, at least it gives off a pleasant light.

Buy now on Amazon for $39.99

8. This warming neck wrap will soothe away those aches and pains

Have a crick in your neck? Just throw this adorable neck wrap in the microwave for a few minutes and put it on. The heat should dissolve those painful knots.

Buy now on Amazon for $38.66

9. This foam roller will leave you feeling revigorated

Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies. At the end of the day, I look more like a hunched-over gargoyle than a human person. This simple tool works out the stress we often hold in our bodies, releasing tension from tight muscles and painful knots.

Buy now on Amazon for $14.99

10. Get zen with this meditation cushion

Not only are these cushions available in a variety of colors, they're super easy to clean.

Buy now on Amazon for $38.92

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