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10 successful Kickstarter products you can get right now on Amazon

STEM toys seem to be all the rage

These successful Kickstarter projects are now available on Amazon. Credit: Vimeo

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Global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has churned out some of the most interesting products I've ever seen. From a tiny device that screams when your kid tries to break into the cookie jar to light-up headphones that pulse to the beat of your music, the site is rife with unique and innovative products. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to look first! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t fret—I've compiled a list of personal favorites. Here are the top 10 successful Kickstarter projects available on Amazon right now:

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1. Makey Makey

Makey Makey
Credit: Techmind

Makey Makey lets you turn anything into a touchpad. Just connect it to something that conducts a tiny bit of electricity. It's a great gift for educators, children, artists, and developers.

Buy now on Amazon for $49.95

2. Click and Grow

Click and Grow
Credit: Digital Trends

Click and Grow is an indoor herb garden. Neat, right? All you have to do is insert the plant capsule, fill the reservoir with water, and plug it in. This miniature garden is perfect for people who work day jobs.

Buy now on Amazon for $67.81

3. Kano Computer Kit

Kano Computer Kit
Credit: Raspberry Pi Spy

The Kano Computer Kit teaches young kids how to code. You can create light shows, funny sounds, weather displays, and more.

Buy now on Amazon for $138.89

4. Petcube

Credit: TechCrunch

You ever wonder what your pet is doing when you're away at work? Well, thanks to Petcube, now you can remotely monitor your lovable pooch. Is it silly? Absolutely.

Buy now on Amazon for $149.00

5. Sammy Screamer

Sammy Screamer
Credit: Amazon

Sammy Screamer is an adorable motion alarm. The device will beep and send a notification to your smartphone whenever it's moved.

Buy now on Amazon for $45

6. PyroPet

Credit: Wagmann Trading

PyroPet is a cat shaped candle with a metal skeleton inside of it. It's an unusual gift, for sure, but a memorable one.

Buy now on Amazon for $34

7. Glow Headphones

Glow Headphones
Credit: Glow Headphones

Are you an active person? Good. Me neither.

These light-up headphones are great for nighttime joggers.

Buy now on Amazon for $139.99

8. Food Huggers

Food Hugger
Credit: Amazon

This product creates a tight seal around fruits and jars.

Buy now on Amazon for $11.41

9. TipMeNot

Credit: TipMeNot

This rubber accessory helps babies hold their own bottles. It can be used as a teether too.

Buy now on Amazon for $14.89

10. Dino Pet

Dino Pet
Credit: BioPet

Dino Pet is a see-through dinosaur that lights up at night when you interact with it. Just give it a shake and watch the magic happen.

Buy now on Amazon for $69.95

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