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15 cute kitchen gadgets you will actually use

These gadgets are too adorable to resist.

Add a little fun to your dinnertime routine with these wind-up salt and pepper shakers. Credit: Amazon

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I'm drawn to unique kitchen gadgets because they're fun to look at. Whether it's tiny birds that cling to the rim of your wine glass or mugs that resemble a prickly cactus when you stack them on top of each other, there's nothing sweeter than the perfect blend of design and function.

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If you're looking to add a touch of magic to your life, look no further. I recently explored the Internet for adorable and easy to use kitchen gadgets and here's what I found:

1. You'll never lose your wine glass again thanks to these bird markers.

You can't go wrong with these bird markers.
Credit: Amazon

As someone who regularly misplaces her drink, I can definitely vouch for these. These little birds are great for party guests too.

2. These mugs turn into a cactus when you stack them.

These fun mugs make a cactus when you stack them.
Credit: Amazon

If you own a gazillion coffee mugs like me, they're probably overflowing inside your kitchen cabinet. These cactus plant mugs are easy to store because you can stack them on top of each other. Ah. Wide, open spaces.

3. This platypus will steep your tea.

This platypus steeps your tea.
Credit: Amazon

You'll get a more flavorful cup of tea with loose tea, but the one drawback is that it's messy. This platypus tea infuser is adorable and super easy to clean. Just open the infuser and rinse out the tea leaves with water.

4. You can store little things inside these macaron shaped pill boxes.

These pouch macaroons hold your loose stuff.
Credit: Amazon

I constantly lose my vitamins to the parallel world under my kitchen cabinets. These macaron containers are great for storing pills, jewelry, and other tiny objects.

5. This planetary glass set is a brilliant gift for the wannabe astronomer in your life.

These planetary glasses are out of this world.
Credit: Amazon

I can see myself wowing my party guests with these cool glasses. The design is gorgeous, but they also give me the excuse to make an excellent space pun. These glasses are out of this world, don't you agree?

6. These kitchen timers are cute enough to eat.

These fruit shaped timers are cute enough to eat.
Credit: Amazon

I don't cook often, but when I do, I tend to wander away from the kitchen and forget about my food. These delightful kitchen timers are difficult to ignore or dismiss, which may help a serial roamer like me.

7. If you're a baker, this rocket ship container needs to be in your life ASAP.

This rubber rocket will hold your muffin for you.
Credit: Amazon

I really like the idea of a multi-use baking container. You can cook, decorate, and even eat your cupcake in this container.

8. You won't ever want to leave the lab again with these cool shot glasses.

These beaker shaped shot glasses are a great gift for science lovers.
Credit: ThinkGeek

I'm not much of a drinker, but I sure do like science. These laboratory shot glasses are fun and unique, even if you're just nursing apple juice.

9. Lego fans rejoice! You can make bricks out of cake or jello thanks to this unusual mini pan.

You can make brick shaped cakes thanks to this unusual baking pan.
Credit: ThinkGeek

This product really brings me back to my childhood. I like Lego blocks and brownies, so why not combine the two? You'll definitely want to play with your food.

10. These brush scrubbers sure do look like shark fins.

Scrub away the grime with these shark fin brushes.
Credit: Amazon

I dislike touching sponges and Brillo pads because the texture bothers me. This product is cool because all you have to do is pinch the colorful shark fin and clean away. Cue the Jaws theme music.

11. You won't ever have to touch hot handles again thanks to these silicone butterflies.

You won't ever have to grab hot handles again thanks to these rubber butterflies.
Credit: Amazon

Everyone remembers the first time they burn themselves in the kitchen. It's not pleasant. If you value safety, I definitely recommend these adorable pot holders.

12. This whale strainer helps you remove excess water.

This whale strainer helps you get rid of excess water.
Credit: Amazon

This cute strainer drains excess water from your cooking pot and protects your hand from the scalding liquid. I bet you'll have a whale of a time. Sorry. I can't help myself.

13. These tiny guys can hold up your cutting board.

These little men are strong enough to hold up your chopping board.
Credit: Amazon

I absolutely love this product. I always end up storing my chopping board in weird places because it's so big and awkward. These little figures make it possible for me to store my chopping board anywhere.

Judge me by my size, do you?

14. This cow kettle is sure to make you smile.

This cow kettle will make you smile.
Credit: Amazon

I drink a lot of tea, so a cute kettle is a must in my book. This kettle is like any ordinary kettle, but the only difference is that it's designed to look like an adorable cow.

Let's moove on to the final gadget. See what I did there?

15. These wind-up salt and pepper shakers seek world domination.

Add some flavor to your food with these wind-up salt and pepper shakers.
Credit: Amazon

Most people have salt and pepper shakers in their kitchen, but not everyone has salt and pepper shakers that move across table. These wind-up robots are fun, unique, and functional.

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