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Sears has declared bankruptcy—will it still honor my Kenmore warranty?

Here’s what you need to know

Sears bankruptcy: How will it affect Kenmore warranties and repairs on appliances Credit: Getty Images / Scott Olson

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If you have a Kenmore appliance in your home, you're probably wondering what will happen now that Sears has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. You can breathe easy—for now. Many Sears and Kmart stores are closing, but for now, at least, Sears plans to honor warranties, protection agreements, and guarantees as usual.

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If you’ve recently ordered a Kenmore or any other brand of major appliance from Sears or Kmart, Sears says it will still attempt to ensure a timely delivery. And Sears Home Services technicians will still service appliances.

If you want to purchase a Kenmore appliance—which by the way, are not manufactured by Sears—you still can. Amazon sells them, so you can buy them online. (Read more on who makes Kenmore appliances.)

For now, Sears says the prices on its merchandise won’t be affected. But you may be able to get some serious discounts soon at your local Sears or Kmart store if it's one of the 142 stores closing its doors permanently.

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