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Star Wars fan girls, you will love this chic '50s-inspired clothing line

Go retro with Her Universe's latest collection

This 50s-inspired Star Wars collection will send your heart into overdrive. Credit: Her Universe

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Her Universe, the most glorious fashion company in existence (I'm a tad biased), just released a 1950s-inspired Star Wars collection and it's everything my little black heart could possibly want. From an AT-AT poodle skirt to a sweetheart dress depicting the vast Tatooine desert, this line is straight-up adorable. If you're looking to shake up your style, look no further. I curated a list of Her Universe's retro-themed garments for your viewing pleasure. There's even a 20% off sale going on right now, so get on it!

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Star Wars AT-AT Skirt

This periwinkle blue swing dress is too cute for words. You'll be the talk of the galactic sock hop, for sure.

Buy now for $47.92, 20% off

Tatooine Sweetheart Dress

This peach colored dress is a personal favorite of mine. The sweetheart neckline is super flattering.

Buy now for $55.92, 20% off

Naboo Symbol Cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for the fall weather. It'd look amazing with a pair of dark jeans or a pleated skirt.

Buy now for $47.92, 20% off

Available in plus sizes as well

Naboo Landscape Woven Circle Skirt

Between the pastel colors and minute details, this gorgeous skirt is truly one of a kind.

Buy now for $39.92, 20% off

Available in plus sizes as well

Endor Landscape Dress

Ah, the forest moon of Endor. Lovely place, innit?

Buy now for $47.92, 20% off

Available in plus sizes as well

Star Wars Initial Cardigan

This cardigan has a really subtle design, making it great for work environments.

Buy now for $35.92, 20% off

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