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This creepy robot is your own personal R2-D2

The future is nigh.

BIG-i is a one of a kind robot that meets your family's unique needs. Credit: NXROBO / Kickstarter

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Calling all Star Wars fans! Wouldn't it be fun to play a rousing game of hide-and-seek with the droid you're looking for? Don't you think you'd sleep better at night knowing R2-D2's got your back? Well, this advanced bot not only resembles the famous droid, with its pill-like shape, it's smart like him too. Take that, Emperor Palpatine.

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BIG-i is a personal home assistant that takes care of you and your family. The bot encourages you to don a light jacket if it's chilly outside, entertains you with an enthralling tale, and more. Pretty sweet, right? I'm not sure. The robot's eyeball, which swivels in any direction, reminds me of Hal, the maniacal computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's a creepy piece of tech, but I can't help but be impressed by it.

This robot works with smart appliances around your home. It'll shut off your television with the wave of your hand, adjust the thermostat if the temperature climbs or drops, and even switch off the lights when it's time for bed. BIG-i is designed to recognize your face and voice so it can alert you of unwanted strangers and delivery people. But it needs a little time to get to know you and adapt to your environment. You'll need to give BIG-i a grand tour of your house, acquaint it with your family members, and so on.

If creepy looking robots are your thing, check out BIG-i's successful Kickstarter campaign. NXROBO, the Asia-based company, expect BIG-i to ship in April 2017. Consumers can pledge $799 or more for the early prototype, but act fast, there's limited stock.

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