There's now a Kindle for board games, because of course there is

This device is a real game changer

This giant tablet interacts with physical objects. Credit: Tumult Forums

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I've been playing board games for as long as I can remember. From Dungeons & Dragons to Mad Libs, I've done it all. However, I always end up spending more time with my nose in a rulebook than playing the actual game. What happens if my dice rolls eight? Am I allowed to play multiple cards at once? Well, thanks to the brilliant programmers at Prizm, you don't ever have to flip through a rulebook again. This virtual interface does everything for you.

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PlayTable is an interactive tabletop gaming platform. The tablet reacts to physical objects such as Pokémon figurines, dice, and cards. It even lets you play games without reading a rulebook. This device frees up table space, reduces post-game cleanup, keeps track of game pieces, and brings people together. Cool, right? Whether you're duking it out with Disney Infinity collectibles or playing a classic game of Chess, this device will change the way you play board games.

It reminds me of an Amazon Kindle. But instead of storing digital books, this tablet stores digital board games. Personally, I love the idea of a digital library where countless board games are at my disposal. Hell, it's much easier than dealing with a closet that's overflowing with games. Have you ever been poked in the eye by a bulky box? It's not pleasant. Trust me.

You can reserve a limited edition of PlayTable for $99 today. This special edition comes in three attractive styles: ash wood, cherry wood, and brushed aluminum. But make sure you act fast because the company's producing only 500 of them!

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