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Eco Friendly

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What to Look For

While any appliance is going to use energy, some washers and dryers are more efficient than others, and some cycles can save water and electricity.

Shop for an efficient washer & dryer Look at our water and energy ratings, and see the environmental impact of each washer and dryer. Newer washers can save time drying clothes, as they spin fast enough to expel more water from each load. The Whirlpool WFW94HEX was the most efficient machine we recently tested.

Choose the right wash cycle Regardless of EnergyStar ratings or other eco-friendly claims, your machine's consumption ultimately depends on how long you run it. Wash cycles can vary from a 20-minute quick wash to a nearly two-hour sanitization process. Think whether your barely worn sweatshirt really needs that 150-degree hot water wash when a quick cold wash may do.

Consider line drying While a clothes dryer can save time, it may be worth it to hang certain items up to dry. Plus, nothing smells as good as fresh laundry!

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