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Top-loading washing machines can be easier to use and simpler to fix, but they also use more detergent, water and electricity. A top-loader can also cause more wear and tear on your clothing.

The advantages of a top loading washing machine include:

** **Simpler design.* A top loading washing machine is basically a big suspended drum, and you can't get much simpler than that as a design. This means that there are fewer moving parts to go wrong.

** **Easy access* It is easy to lift the lid and reach in to grab clothes out of a top loader. The lid does not have to lock or be watertight, so it is also easier to open, which could be a concern for older users.

The disadvantages of a front loading washing machine include:

** **They use more water.* To wash clothes, they have to fill the drum with water, which means they use a lot more water than front loaders. This can be ameliorated somewhat by being careful to set the water level to the minimum required, though.

** **They use more electricity.* Agitating the clothes requires the drum to move, which requires a lot of energy. The same is true of the spin cycle: the larger drum requires more energy to spin, leading to a much higher use of electricity.

** **They use more detergent.* Because they use more water, you need more detergent to clean the wash.

** **Harsher on clothing.* The rotating action of the drum can mean more wear and tear on the clothes, as they spend more time rubbing against each other and the agitators that circulate the water.

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