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The GE GTD72EBSNWS has a somewhat traditional design, with controls mounted on a dashboard toward the back of the machine and a squarish door at its front. The control panel itself is fairly modern, though, with both a control dial for easy cycle selection and a touchpad for inputting cycle customization options.

About the GE GTD72EBSNWS dryer

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

While the GE GTD72EBSNWS's overall design is fairly traditional, it does have some modern flourishes.

Dimensions: 39.75” x 28” x 32” (H x W x D)
Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft.
Finish: White; Diamond Gray ($100 extra)
12 cycles: Mixed Load, Delicates, Cottons/Normal, Jeans, Casuals, Quick Dry, Towels/Sheets, Bulky/Comforter, Sanitize, Air Fluff, Warm Up, and Timed Dry
Cycle options: Four dryness and temperature levels for each cycle; Wrinkle Care, which tumbles laundry after a cycle ends to prevent creases from forming; and ecoDry, which uses less energy but results in longer cycle times

What we like

door open
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The GE GTD72EBSNWS’s drum is a roomy 7.4 cu. ft. While not an ultra-high capacity, it should be enough for most users.

Gets laundry dry, fast

On just about every cycle we tested, we saw great results. The laundry came out bone-dry in most cycles and Bulky/Comforter yielded an above-average 87% dry. Most cycles, Quick Dry included, finished in an average amount of time or, in the cases of Delicates and Bulky/Comforter, slightly faster than average. Only the Normal cycle took a bit longer than we’d have liked (97 minutes vs. the average of one hour). While the same high temperatures that help achieve these results may also lead to wear and tear on your clothes in the long run, if you’re most concerned about drying results, the GTD72EBSNWS doesn’t disappoint.

Controls are quick and intuitive while still offering customization

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The control panel lets you choose dryness level and temperature as well as enable options like Wrinkle Care, which keeps tumbling the laundry after a cycle is complete.

Modern dryers have been integrating more tech into their control schemes as of late, and we think the GE GTD72EBSNWS is one that nails the execution. It keeps the control dial—which is how the majority of users will select their cycles—but allows for additional customization of temperature and dryness via the touchpad to the side. We believe this is a good balance between usability and customization, allowing users to get into the nitty gritty of their cycle if their wardrobe warrants it.

What we don’t like

Several cycles run too hot

When we test dryers, we throw thermal recorders in with the laundry to test the temperature range—temperatures over 150°F can speed up wear and tear on your clothes.

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The Quick Dry and Bulky/Comforter cycles get way too hot, topping out at 172°F and 170.3°F, respectively. While it's possible to manually adjust the temperatures, most users don’t alter the settings of their dryer (or check what temperatures they’re reaching), so we like when machines stay within temperature guidelines without user intervention. We’d highly recommend turning down the temperature of those cycles before you run them. The Delicates cycle was also slightly too hot at 152.1°F, but that’s a very minor step over the line.

What owners are saying

lint trap
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

We thought the lint trap felt a bit flimsy and was hard to put back in, a sentiment echoed by a few user reviews.

Reviews are fairly positive for the GE GTD72EBSNWS, which has an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars across major retailers. Users praise its quiet operation, speed, and how loads finish with dry laundry. Some users have complained about some minor aspects of the device, such as the controls being too complicated or the lint trap being a bit difficult to use properly.


GE offers a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor. This seems to be the bare minimum guarantee offered in the industry. For context, sometimes dryers with stainless steel drums will have part-specific warranties that extend for five or even 10 years.

Should you buy the GE GTD72EBSNWS?

Potentially. While there aren’t any major problems with the GE GTD72EBSNWS, it just doesn’t stack up that well against the competition at its price point. You could spend a few hundred dollars less and buy the excellent Samsung DVE45R6100C, which is currently our second-highest-rated dryer.

The thing is, the street price for the GE GTD72EBSNWS seems to have a very large delta, with prices falling as low as 50% off MSRP. If you can find it at that price (and you remember to adjust the temperature settings), it’s an excellent buy.

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