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Evaluating it on its own merits, the GE by LG is a pricey dryer (MSRP of $1199) whose cost is a little more palatable if you can find it on sale for under $850. It's got sharp looks, a good control panel and plenty of options, and just above average results on our performance tests. If you need a high-capacity dryer and want a steam function, this GE should suit you just fine. Otherwise, check out smaller, cheaper units with fewer features that dry clothes just as well -- if not better.

This is a non-stackable dryer meant to pair with a GE Profile Harmony top-loading washer. Its major distinguishing feature is a steam feeder drawer that can be refilled, much like a portable steamer or clothes iron. If you don't want to plumb your dryer into a water line like most steam dryers require, the GE Profile may be a good choice.

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The lint trap is a simple wire mesh screen, which can be cleaned simply before each load.

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The did quite well on difficult cycles like Delicates and Speed Dry, but it had trouble getting standard loads all the way to dry on the bulky and normal cycles, quitting when some of the test load remained damp. If you buy this dryer, be prepared to throw some parts of each load back in for another round.

We expect a high-end dryer to be able to nail its normal cycle. The just couldn't do that, taking about an hour to leave our test load with a few damp towels in it.


The 's Delicates cycle took a long time -- almost 70 minutes -- but got clothes nearly bone dry without raising their temperature above 125.7 degrees. This dryer also comes with a drying rack and a specific cycle for items that can't be tumbled.

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Towels & Sheets, the cycle we used to test the 's bulky cycle performance, was a disappointment. On every test, the dryer took less time than the LED screen's original estimate, delivering a load of laundry that was still noticeably damp. You'd be better off putting your towels and bulky loads on the normal cycle.


Though the 's Speed Dry cycle took about five minutes longer than the LED screen's estimate, it still managed to get a 4 lb. load of laundry 96 percent dry in less than 45 minutes. If you're always throwing a few clothes into the dryer at the last minute, a quick dry cycle that lives up to its name can be helpful.


The has a number of drying cycles on offer for every kind of laundry. Strangely, there's no "heavy duty" or "bulky" cycle.

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In addition to preset cycles, the lets you adjust temperature, time and drying level. You can program in a custom cycle for reuse, too.

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Additional drying options include a removable steam feeder drawer that can be refilled with water like an iron. GE claims that adding steam to a wash can refresh clothes and reduce wrinkles and odors. There's also a drying rack for items that can't be tumbled.

We really like GE's control panel on the . In fact, it's a better setup than LG has on their version of this dryer. There's still a button for every customizable feature, but most of them scroll through options so as not to clutter the panel. Our only complaint is that the font on the LED screen is a little small for anyone without 20/20 vision.

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The 's wide door swings open to provide easy access to its high-capacity interior. It's easy to load and unload, and feels sturdy on its hinges.

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The lint trap is a simple wire mesh screen, which can be cleaned simply before each load.

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If you're looking for a high-capacity dryer with steam, a drying rack and plenty of customizable cycles, the GE Profile Harmony (MSRP: $1199) isn't a bad choice -- especially if you can find it on sale for under $900.

It has good performance and quick and delicate cycles, though the normal and bulky cycles both have some trouble getting clothes all of the way dry. You'll probably have to throw some damp clothes in for an extra tumble if this dryer ends up in your laundry room. Other cheaper dryers do a better job getting clothes dry, but they don't have the capacity or features of this GE.

We also like the GE's control panel, which lets you choose from lots of options without the clutter of too many buttons or the confusion of multiple menus. We just wish the LED panel had a more accurate estimate of how long cycles would take, and a larger font for those of us who wear glasses.

You could spend less money and buy a better dryer than the GE Profile Harmony , but that would mean sacrificing some of the extra features it offers, including its cavernous interior.

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