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It measures 33.4 inches tall by 23.4 inches wide by 23.6 inches deep (41 inches with the door open), and unlike other compact washers, you don't need to buy an additional dryer because the HLC1700AXS has condenser dryer technology built right in. All this tech runs on a normal, 120V plug.

That's the long and short of all the benefits of owning this laundry machine. If you have limited wet-wall access, the Haier is small enough to fit under a counter in the kitchen, or hide away in a bathroom closet. And because it uses condenser technology it can drain out through the same pipe as your sink.

What to expect

When size is your limiting factor for washing machine shopping, there are some major drawbacks. Tiny combo units like the 1700AXS have very long cycle times: we're talking about three hours to wash and dry a basket of laundry.

The drum only has a two-cubic-foot capacity, so for even small families you're probably going to have to do laundry every day to keep up. Cleaning in such a cramped drum means you should also expect a hit to stain removal when compared to a full-sized washing machine. Our extensive performance testing showed that when compared to washer-only compacts, combos leave behind about 20 percent more stains.

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The display is a little too cluttered.

You're also going to have to line dry your clothes, since the 1700AXS could never get clothes completely dry. Running off half the electricity of a traditional dryer is a pretty severe handicap here.

All those complaints are pretty standard to condenser washer/dryer combos, but the Haier has issues all its own. When this Haier finished a drying cycle the door would remain locked until the laundry inside had cooled off. What's another thirty minutes after a three-hour cycle?

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For the tiny house enthusiast with lots of time on their hands, the Haier HLC1700AXS is a $1,000 solution.

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