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Fits in while standing out

If your used to a top-loading laundry pair, then LG DLGY1702VE and it's accompanying washer, the LG WT1702CV, won't throw you off too much. The easy to read controls are placed in the back, the knobs felt solid, and all the buttons reacted with a satisfying snap action.

However, everything is eclipsed by the EasyLoad door. Yes, it's a call back to the old days of dryers, but with a modern twist. The double hinged door can open vertically and horizontally. When the door opens vertically it stops at a slant, creating a "laundry chute" for a few extra items.

As an added bonus the EasyLoad door should even make your machine more efficient. Having a way to easily open the door partially when you interrupt a cycle will prevent excess heat from escaping. As a result, when you resume the the dryer less energy will be spent getting your laundry hot. While open vertically, the hinge can withstand an impressive 105 pounds of force.


Easyload lets you open the door two ways, horizontally for large loads and vertically for single items.

Changing from horizontal to vertical is almost effortless. When the door is in the closed position, simply pull the latch that is embedded at the top of the door. The experience is much like opening the back hatch of an SUV. There was little resistance, so you shouldn't lose balance even if you're holding a full basket of wet clothes.

Complete feature coverage

The DLGY1702VE is chocked full of features. This dryer boasts 14 cycles, covering all your laundry needs. If none of those tickle your fancy, then you can created a custom program for all your speciality items.

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The LG DLGY1702VE dryer allows you to program your own cycles for those speciality items.

The Rack Dry steaming feature allows you to dry shoes or help press the wrinkles out of shirts and pants. Unlike other dryers, the LG DLGY1702VE does not require an additional water hook up. Instead, you can just add water into the drawer, so you get steam when you want it.

The LG DLGY1702VE is all about flexible drying. With the EasyLoad door, you can add small amounts of laundry on the fly with the same ease of opening the trunk of a car. The ability to program a speciality cycle is a welcome addition, and particularly useful in the case of unusual clothing items. The full array of features will cover all your laundry bases, so you won't be caught short. We can't wait to wheel this dryer into our testing labs to get some performance data.

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