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A pedestal with a hidden surprise

We've said before that the TwinWash doesn't take up much space. It achieves this feat by sitting where a pedestal normally does—right beneath your standard washer. When the drawer is closed, you can't even tell that it's actually a washing machine. The design has an added bonus of making it easier to load and unload laundry from the main washer by lifting it off the ground, eliminating the need to bend over too much.

When you open up the WD100CD you'll notice it has a stainless steel interior. The rim is lined with bubbles that help prevent harsh blows from being transferred to your laundry. The density of these bubbles is far greater than with most washers, adding to the gentle nature of this mini-washer. It's a thoughtful design choice for a machine sized for delicate laundry.

When you're ready to start, the control panel is fairly similar to any other LG washer. The touch controls are about as responsive as we've come to expect with LG—perfectly functional.

The overall design is sleek and fairly intuitive.


Some trappings of a higher-end product

The TwinWash comes with four cycles.
Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The TwinWash comes with four cycles.

The TwinWash comes with four wash cycles: Normal, Hand Wash, Underwear, and Active Wear. The latter three are typically found on higher-end washing machines. The inclusion of the Normal cycle setting allows the TwinWash to act as a capacity booster–for those times when you just can't fit any more shirts in the main washer.

The speciality cycles are ideal for saving time. The average person doesn't have a washer full of underwear or active wear, so sometimes you don't want to run a full-sized cycle for just a handful of items. The TwinWash is sized for smaller loads, and can run at the same time as your main washer.

The stainless steel interior is designed to be gentle on clothing.
Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The stainless steel interior is designed to be gentle on clothing.

You can also control the TwinWash independently from the main washer. This can be done with either the physical control or the LG mobile app.


Indulgence, or Innovation? Depends on who you ask.

The LG TwinWash system comes across as a polarizing appliance. There's definitely a market out there for people who want a second washer and can't fit it in their home. Consumers who want a little extra capacity or have a small number of speciality items that they're constantly washing will be well served. However, others may find it unnecessary. If you ask us, anything that adds flexibility and usability to a washer is worth considering.

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