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The majority of people pretreat their laundry. That's why some laundry rooms have a utility sink. People who don't have one often pretreat on top of their washers. But this isn't always optimum if you have multiple items or are using a cleaner–like Oxiclean–that works best with water.

That's where the Active Wash's water jet comes in handy. You can turn it off and on with a button on the front of the machine. A slit in the back keeps the basin from overflowing. When you're done, you tilt the basin back so the water, and any cleaning agents, drain into your washer's tub.

The basin is a little on the small side at just one cubic foot. However, if it was much deeper, it'd become difficult to tilt back when it was full of water.

At the end of the day, Active Wash gets great props for adding value without increasing cost. The washer with Active Wash will cost just $699. That's on the lower end of high-efficiency top loader prices. And any feature on a washing machine that gets your clothes cleaner gets a gold star in our book.

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Jonathan Chan

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