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The Kenmore Elite 41472 lives up to its name. In terms of its cleaning performance, this washer seemed a bit like a one-trick pony. The Normal cycle with Accela-Wash bested every other cycle it had when you consider it took only 38 minutes. This cycle strong-armed its way through every stain we presented it, except for oil. There are washers that are faster. There are washers with stronger cleaning performances. Yet, this is a sweet spot where the two worlds overlap.

This washer is a sight for dirty earmuffs.

To see how well the cleaned, we used standardized strips that have patches stained with common household substances, like red wine and oil. After running them through a wash with some industry standard detergent, we take the strips out and analyze them with a light spectrometer. The results showed that the Elite had a knack for dealing with red wine, but oil remained a staunch enemy.

This LG WM3470HVA clone has a lot of buttons, but they're easy to use.

You may notice that the Kenmore Elite's Accela-Wash sounds quite familiar. That's because it's based on LG's Turbo Wash feature; the 41472 is essentially a Sears-only redesign of the LG WM3470HVA. Either way, we found that we liked the Kenmore a little better.

Though the Kenmore Elite 41472 has a myriad of features and cycles, they’re all displayed with a refreshing clarity that its LG predecessor lacks. On the selector, each cycle name is well-spaced and has its own indicator light, unlike the crowded dial on the LG. The push-to-open door saw improvement too, though it's not larger than the original. We had no problem opening or closing this door, even with a knee and a light push.

Time saver. Water saver.

This Kenmore was an energy miser. An average year with this washer should put no more than $5 on your electric bill. It's true! Our watt meters told us. Well, they didn't really tell us anything—but we did read their displays. For water use, efficiency depended on which cycle we were testing and ranged between seven and 20 gallons of water. That’s about average for a front-loading washer.

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The extremely fast Normal wash also has exceptional stain removal. Other cycles clean just as well, but take much longer.

The Kenmore Elite 41472 can get a Normal cycle done in just 38 minutes, which is just exceptional. That kind of speed is possible because Kenmore uses the same Turbo Wash technology found in the LG WM3470HVA, injecting detergent in a special spray pattern that promises to save about 20 minutes per wash. The only difference is the name: Kenmore calls it Accela-Wash.

The Kenmore Elite 41472 can get a Normal cycle done in just 38 minutes.

Also remarkable is that the reduced duration doesn’t hurt performance. This washer did an incredible job getting out stains in less time than it took to make that pasta dinner you spilled on your shirt in the first place. Plus, it's just as efficient as other machines we've tested.

Think of Sears as a DJ. When they're up in the booth, they're known as Kenmore, remixing already-hot tracks from well-known appliance manufacturers.

This is a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to wait more than 38 minutes for clean clothes.

Kenmore's latest and greatest release so far is the . They laid down an improved control panel over LG's WM3470HVA and renamed the rapid wash cycle Accela-Wash. The result is a good looking washer with excellent stain removal performance.

It costs a bit more than the LG, and isn't the gentlest on delicate clothing, but it's a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to wait more than 38 minutes for clean clothes.

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