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The 4.3-cu.-ft. machine makes excellent use of space. Most notably is the Tiltub drum, which is tilted at a 10° angle to make it easier to reach items in the back. Since most front loaders sit very close to the ground, this is an important usability innovation.

We're most impressed with the WM3370HWA's price: Around $665 on sale. For a stackable front-loader, that's an excellent value. However, if you live near a Sears, Kenmore sells a very similar washer at an even lower price. We found the LG-built Kenmore 41382 on sale for just $650, which makes it a better value than LG's own 3370. And if you're concerned about too-slow wash cycles, you should pay a little extra for a higher-end LG that's equipped with TurboWash.
If you've ever wondered how we draw the conclusions for our reviews, you're in the right place. Using controlled testing, we're able to determine the strengths and weakness of washers like the LG WM3370HWA.

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Cleaning performance is all about stain removal. To measure this, we uses stain strips, which are cloths that have been mechanically coated with stains like cocoa powder and sweat, each of which is designed to test a different aspect of the stain removal process.

These strips are then washed in selected cycles along with carefully balanced and weighed shirts, sheets, and towels that are used as ballast. After a wash is complete, we analyze each strip with a photospectrometer, and a computer measures how much of each stain has been lifted.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

Before and after test stain results using the Normal cycle. From left to right: control, sweat, dirt, blood, cocoa, and red wine.

The Normal cycle with the highest temperature and Extra Rinse performed the best. Across the board it did well against all the stains we could throw at it. The second best cycle was Normal with Water Plus instead of Extra Rinse. The photospectrometer saw 2% more stains left over after this test. If you use all the moderate settings, you're only going to take a 4% penalty to stain removal. Not too bad.

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Designed for ease of use

Without a doubt, almost every aspect of the LG WM3370HWA's design makes it easier to do laundry. The 4.3-cu.-ft. TilTub drum, for example, sits on a 10° incline, making it more comfortable to retrieve laundry.

Magnetic Stopper
Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

A stopper lets you keep the door ajar so the drum dries out.

Closing the door of a front-loading washer while there's still moisture inside can lead to mold and a smelly washer. That's why the WM3370HWA's door has a magnetic stopper that keeps the it ajar so the interior can dry

When it comes to selecting cycles, the LG WM3370HWA keeps things simple. It only has a small selection compared to competitors, and that cuts down on confusion. For flexibility without a cluttered control knob, the WM3370HWA provides plenty of secondary options, like the ability to add more water to a wash for extra-tough stains, or a concentrated blast of cold water.

Unfortunately, we found the control panel to be oddly laid out. The buttons for selecting custom wash options don't line up with their display indicators, and some fonts are extremely small.
When we hooked the LG WM3370HWA to a water meter, we were able to determine that the LG WM3370HWA has a high consumption for a front loader. Assuming average national cost and use patterns, we calculate that the WM3370HWA will cost around $50 a year to run.

What comes out of a washing machine is equally important. The wetter clean laundry is, the more it costs to dry. On average, the WM3370HWA spun out 53% of excess water, which is adequate.

A great, affordable top loader

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

A 4.3-cu.-ft. capacity can handle your family's laundry.

By and large, front loaders are more expensive than top loaders. But at $665 on sale, the WM3370HWA is extremely affordable. It also does a great job washing clothes, but the amount of time and water it requires might make a pricier machine a better bet for some consumers.

This LG's main claim to fame is saving laundry from stains that could render a favorite sweater useless. Across the board, the WM3370HWA scrubbed common household stains better than the average washer. The Normal cycle with high heat and Extra Rinse turned out to be the most powerful cycle.

Both of these cycles performed better than other front loaders in this price bracket. However, to get these results, you're going to have to wait. For heavy duty loads, it'll be about an hour and a half. Even normal cycles without any of the fixings take an hour and ten minutes. If you want your clothes done faster, you'll have to pony up for one of LG's pricier (but excellent) TurboWash-equipped machines.

However, among front loading machines, this is a very thirsty washer. Using national use and cost patterns, we estimate an annual running cost on the order of $50. That's about $20 more than the most efficient models we've tested, and takes some wind out of the 3370's sails.

Over 10 years of ownership, the WM3370HWA could cost you $200 more than the LG-built Kenmore 41582, which sells for only about $120 more than the 3370 but features an ultra-fast 30-minute wash cycle. Similarly, the Electrolux EIFLW50LIW is only about $899 on sale, but has a 42 minute Normal cycle that does a better job removing stains.

For in-depth performance information, please visit the Science Page.
The LG WM3370HWA has a three part warranty: There is one year of parts and labor coverage for the entire machine that covers any defect found at the time of purchase. A ten-year warranty covers the direct drive motor. And finally, a lifetime warranty covers the stainless steel drum.

On the fence about front loaders?

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

The door automatically keeps ajar to dry out the drum.

For a number of reasons, Americans tend to prefer top-load washing machines over their front-load counterparts.

Given its price range and performance, we'd say the LG WM3370HWA meets skeptics halfway. You don't like front loaders because they get moldy? Well, the LG WM3370HWA has a magnetic stopper to keep the door ajar and help it dry out. Front loaders are too expensive? This LG sells for under $700. Front loaders are too small? A 4.3-cu.-ft. capacity will easily fit a family's laundry.

If you want to dip your toe in the front loader market, you should check out the $665 LG WM3370HWA. But if you'd rather swim in the deep end, spending a few hundred more dollars will get you faster cycles and better performance.

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