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Hot, hot, heat

Most people know that washing your laundry in cold water is a usually a good idea. However, there are times when you need to bring the heat. For greasy stains, clothing for people with sensitive skin, and cloth diapers, you need high temperatures to get them clean.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

The LG WM3670HWA has plenty of cycles.

In this regard, the WM3670 has you covered. Our temperature sensors recorded max temperatures of around 140°F on the Allergiene cycle. Combine that kind of heat with detergent and you get a sudsy, germ-killing bath that should have you breathing easier.

The internal water heater also provides steam options. We find that steam is most useful to reduce wrinkles and remove odors. For example, a Normal cycle with the Steam option turned on can also be set to No spin–the perfect solution for dealing with musty stuffed animals that you'd normally hand wash.

Your laundry, your way

So many options
Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

With five different soil, temperature, and spin levels, you can do your laundry, your way.

LG decided to put three design choices in the WM3670 that creates a flexible laundry system: highly adjustable levels, Water Plus, and Fresh Care.

Highly Adjustable Levels: The WM3670 has 5 different levels of Spin, Soils, and Temperature. It also has a No Spin setting for super delicate items.

Water Plus: Sometimes you just want to use lots of water. When engaged, Water Plus can double the amount of water a Normal cycle uses.

FreshCare: Have you ever waited too long to get your laundry after it was done and it gets all musty? When FreshCare is engaged, it periodically tumbles your laundry to keep it from getting wrinkled and developing odors. So set it, forget it, then remember and rush down to the basement.

Water Plus
Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

Options like Water Plus help you deal with every laundry situation.

What else is out there?

At this price point, two washers jump out as competitors.

Electrolux 517: The LG WM3670 is rather plain looking. If you still want steam, good stain removal, and good looks, the Electrolux 517 is the washer to get.

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Electrolux 517
Credit: Reviewed.com / Christopher Snow

The Electrolux 517 (above) is a strong competitor to the LG WM3670HWA.

LG WM3770HWA: Think a 40-minute Normal cycle is too long? With the help of a special spray pattern called TurboWash, the LG WM3770HWA can get a Normal cycle done in as little as 30 minutes and a Quick cycle in 15.

LG WM3270CW: If you don't want steam or high water temperatures, you can still get great stain removal with this LG.

Our Take

The LG WM3670HWA is one of the best washers we've ever tested. When it was all said and done, the test results showed that the WM3670 is in the top 20 percent of stain removers. It doesn't matter the cycle, the WM3670 does a good job on the them all. For a washer that's in the sub-$1,000 you really can't do much better at this price.

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