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  • Lots of customization options

  • 17 minute quick cycle

  • Energy efficient


  • Hard-to-read control panel

People who have concerns about dust mites, want steam to sanitize, and like doing cold washes will find the LG WM3900HWA worth it. This dichotomy between hot and cold allows consumers to not only get more out of their washer, but also out of their clothing and laundry. Using the correct temperature helps keep colors strong and whites bright, the WM3900HWA lets you address both with equal gusto.

About the LG WM3900HWA washer

LG WM3900HWA drum
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The 4.5-cubic-foot drum has enough room for an entire family's laundry.

Dimensions: 27" x 39" x 30 1/4" (WxHxD)
Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft.
Stackable: Yes (kit sold separately )
Wash cycles: Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Sanitary, Allergiene, Bright White, Tub Clean, Sportswear, Permenant Press, Delicates, Towels, Speed Wash, Drain+Spin
Accompanying dryer: DLEX3900W

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The WM3900HWA has plenty of cycles and the ability to download more.

What we like

Fast cycles get laundry clean quickly

LG WM3900HWA Turbo and ColdWash
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

We found Turbo and Cold Wash to be highly useful features.

For day-to-day usage, the LG WM3900HWA’s speed is probably what you’ll appreciate the most. We’re talking 30 minutes to complete a Normal cycle with eight pounds of laundry and 15 minutes to do Speed Wash with four pounds of laundry. We estimate that a family of four will save about an hour to an hour and a half each week. It’s not life-changing, but it’s enough to give this washer an edge.

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The WM3900HWA spun out tons of extra water, meaning less work for your dryer.

On the other end, the WM3900HWA will also save you time drying your laundry. Our testing showed it did an above-average job spinning out excess water out of laundry. The Normal, Heavy Duty, and Speed Wash spun out 50, 60, and 70% of excess water, respectively. The drier the laundry is when it comes out of the washer, the less time it needs to spend in the dryer, saving you time and money.

Cycles have good stain removal

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

LG offers a nice clean design for its front loaders.

When we test washing machines, we present them with an impossible task—swatches of clothes dyed in sweat, oil, wine, pig’s blood, and cocoa powder. After a wash finishes, we check them with a photospectrometer to see how much of each stain has been lifted.

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On average, the Normal cycle removal about 71% of all stains and the Heavy Duty zapped 80%. These results put the WM3900HWA solidly into the Good Washer camp.

Features are useful and intelligent

This LG does hot and cold really well. On the hot side, the WM3900HWA has a Sanitary cycle that reaches temperatures of up to 150°F. It also has the Allergiene cycle, which is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to deal with dust mites and pet dander. Our sensors say that that cycle gets up to 130°F.

LG WM3900HWA magnetic stopper
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

This magnetic stopper keeps the door ajar, helping to prevent mildew and mold from forming in the gasket.

On the flip side, this LG also has a Cold Wash option. Sure, you can set most washers to cold, but when you press the Cold Wash button, the washer adjusts its tumble and cycle length to compensate for the lack of warm water. We give this option a thumbs up for being economical and environmentally friendly.

What we don’t like

We’re still not sold on SmartThinQ

The WM3900HWA is smart, meaning it can connect to the internet, be controlled via smartphone, and work with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can start, stop, and pause remotely, and you can even order more detergent and fabric softener via Amazon. You can also monitor energy usage. Finally, cycles can be download for niche fabric needs.

Our testing has shown that LG makes better front-loaders than Samsung, but Samsung’s laundry app is way better. The implementation is so much more user-friendly on Samsung products that it leaves us lukewarm on LG’s app.

Cheaper units have similar performance

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Washers like the LG WM3700HWA have similar stain removal performance, but cost less.

In this instance, LG may be a victim of its own success. There are cheaper LG front-load washers that lack a few features, but have the same cleaning prowess and quick cycles. For example, the WM3700HWA is practically the same as the 3900, only lacking a Sportswear cycle and TurboWash feature, for $200 cheaper.

What users are saying

The LG WM39000HWA is generally well-liked by users. It has a 4.6 out 5-star rating at Home Depot and Best Buy. Users like the fast cycles and sleek design.

Should you buy this washer?

All our tests say this is a great washer. It cleans well quickly and has plenty of useful features. Our experience with the world of washing machines, however, tells us to wait to buy. The price will come down in a few years, but right now you’re going to pay a premium for its newness.

However, if you see on sale for under $800, it’s a steal.

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