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Hardtop with a Decent Engine

The higher end models in this series have windowed tops and grey plastic trim. But this washer is all white enamel all around, and lacks a window. That hardtop creates a large workspace for resting your laundry basket and folding clothes, and we thought it was a bit quieter.

The control panel is very accessible, and the black text against the faux metal background is easily readable. In this case, the lack of features helped a lot with usability. With so few cycles, everything is evenly spaced out and easy to find.

Washing machines should clean your clothes. To test whether or not the Maytag MVWB700BW is worth its salt, we used standardized stain strips. Each of these strips is mechanically coated with common household stains like dirt and cocoa.

This washer did well with particulate stains like dirt and cocoa. Its performance with with stain removal was slightly higher than the industry average. That’s not to say that this Maytag did poorly with liquid stains such as red wine or sweat, just didn't excel. The Powerwash cycle performed the best, followed by Whites cycle.

Dirt is no match for the MVWB700BW

Overall, this Maytag performed above average amongst top-loaders and on par with others in the XL Bravos Series. Like the MVWB725BW, MVWB880BW, and the MBWB980BW , the MVWB700BW did well against particulate stains like dirt. However, the performance lagged behind with liquid stains like red wine. Read any of the other reviews for more detail.

The water usage for this machine is also similar to others in the series. We estimate that the yearly running cost will be about $56.72: roughly double the average front-loader, but slightly cheaper than the average top-loader.

As for features, the MVWB700BW really doesn't have any—and that's a good thing. The windowed lid is the only real difference between the MVWB700BW and the MVWB725BW. Is the chance to watch your laundry spin worth $50 more? That’s for you to decide.

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Efficiency is like Janus—it’s two faced. On the one hand, it’s about how much water and electricity a washer uses. To measure this, we hooked the MVWB700BW to water and power meters which record resource usage. By our estimates, this Maytag washer will run you about $56.72: That’s roughly double what the average front-loader will run you.

The second half of our efficiency equation is water retention—how wet your laundry is when it exits your washer. Test loads taken out of the MVWB700BW retained on average about 64% of their weight in water. That’s a very middle of the road score. Passing the 50% mark usually means more time spent in the dryer, which wastes more energy.

The Foundation to a Good Series

Maytag’s XL Bravos top-loader series has proved to be a competent lineup of machines. They all had somewhat above average cleaning performance and a good design layout. When it comes to value the MVWB700BW is the shinning star of this series. Yes, it lacks the windowed lid and features like a sanitize cycle, but it makes up for it in other ways such as better cleaning performance and a lower price tag. If you find yourself doing multiple loads of laundry a week, then this simple, high-capacity XL washer might be for you.

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