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Credit: Samsung

The Samsung DV42H5200EW has a classy, rounded look. The model we tested was white, but if you prefer, you can buy it in Platinum, which has contemporary stainless style.

Design and Features

The test model we had in our laundry lab was handsome in classic white. It's also available in Platinum Stainless (DV42H5200EP), for $100 more, worth it if you want to make an impression in a stylish laundry room. A pedestal is sold separately, and if you're space-challenged, you can stack this dryer with a Samsung washer.

Generous is size, at 7.5 cu.-ft., Samsung claims this dryer's drum has room for “2.8 laundry baskets in a single load.” Running larger loads is certainly more efficient, and to finish laundry for a family of four in a single load—that's a short laundry day. You won't leave those last few socks behind, either, because the drum light is clear and bright.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

If your laundry room is low on natural light, no worries. The drum of the DV42H5200EW dryer is so brightly lit that it will illuminate every last sock.

This dryer comes with 11 drying cycles and 12 options. If you’ve been longing for a dryer with steam, this one won’t disappoint. Use Wrinkle Prevent, and you may be able to put your iron away for good. During our tests, we were impressed by how responsive the controls are, and how easy to use. Once you’re ready to select a cycle, you turn the dial, and press buttons to add options.

The door feels good and solid, and if you’d like to change the side on which it opens, Samsung provides straightforward instructions on how.

Make sure you clean out the lint filter every time. This lint trap is double-sided, and unlike some, it's very easy to open up to scrape out the lint.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The Samsung DV42H5200EW dryer lint filter is two-sided, and, unlike some with this configuration, it's easy to open. Clear it out after every load.


In our labs, each cycle performed beautifully, getting our test loads between 99.8% and 100% dry.

  • The Normal cycle removed every trace of moisture from the laundry, though it came in a little hot at 157°F. We prefer dryer temperatures to max out at 150°F. We’ve seen many dryers lately that run hotter than that, so it might be a trend. The cycle runs long—92 minutes. Remember, though, it's long because it includes Wrinkle Control. To turn off the dryer immediately when your clothes are done, use Sensor Dry.

  • The Bedding cycle did an excellent job, with a peak temperature of 146.9°F and a load dryness of 93%. The cycle lasted just under an hour.

  • The Delicate cycle gets every bit of laundry completely dry. The temperature doesn't get beyond 126.9°F—totally appropriate for a Delicate load. It runs cooler than the Normal cycle, to avoid cooking your clothes. Just don’t try to dry a load of lace undies on a work morning when you’re hurrying to leave the house, unless you have backup. It will take 94.5 minutes of tumble drying before a pair is dry. Since nobody expects to iron their underwear, we admit to being a little surprised that the Delicate cycle also has the Wrinkle Control option on automatically.

  • The Quick cycle could be the best answer when you really need speed drying, but it still takes over a half hour. That cycle doesn’t overheat the clothes either, running at 147.8°F, but is over half an hour actually quick enough for you?

Credit: Samsung

The controls of the Samsung DV42H5200EW are easy to operate. The cycles marked in orange can use Sensor Dry, which turns off the dryer as soon as the load is dry.


Samsung provides a one-year warranty on parts and labor. If you do experience any issues with the dryer, you may be able to bypass customer service by using the Smart Care app to diagnose issues and gather suggestions for fast fixes.

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What the users say

Most users who wrote online reviews are very happy with this model, rating it 4 stars out of 5 or more, over a number of sites.

One of the more interesting issue some owners have mentioned with this dryer is a phenomenon they call “the Samsung burrito.” This tangled ball of sheets coming out of the dryer is not at all unique to the Samsung brand, but we could see what a pain it would be if it happened on a regular basis. In the lab, we tried hard to replicate the problem, but we couldn’t make it materialize in any of our test loads, either with or without other laundry in with the sheets.

The Bottom Line

In our drying tests, the Samsung DV42H5200EW knocked it out of the park. Every load of laundry came out of the test dryer 100% dry, or super close to that. The dryer didn’t serve up a burrito of sheets for us. If you toss a few towels in with your sheets, they'll be unlikely to tangle. Also, adding a couple of dryer balls can be a godsend, in terms of keeping laundry from tangling in any dryer.

The steamy DV42H5200EW is a good value, but if your dryer budget won't stretch that far, the Samsung DVE50M74505 also offers steam options, and you can find it at an even more penny-pinching price point.

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