The front of the has a stainless steel facade topped with a strip of grey plastic. The door is ringed with shiny metal and features a large handle on its left. The unit's controls are located at the top.

Front Image
Controls 1 Photo
Controls 2 Photo

The interior of the has a few, somewhat slender agitators.

Interior Photo

The interior of the CDWT980VSS.

This lint trap has a large screen for easy cleaning: there aren't several different partitions you need to clean separately.

Lint Trap Photo

The sides of the are featureless. This is a fairly heavy device, and we definitely would've liked some handles as we were lugging it around.

Sides Photo

Olympus SZ-31MR iHS side views

The only two features on the back are the power port in the top right and the exhaust at the bottom.

Back Photo

The hole in the top right is where you'll have to wire in the power cable.

Back Detail Photo

The problem with the 's performance is the time it requires to finish a given load. It did well on the Cotton / Normal and Delicates cycles, but it took significantly longer than its stated time to do so. Its Speed Dry cycle and Bulky / Large cycle stuck to their stated times.

Most dryers tend to do a good job with our test load on a normal cycle, and the 's Cotton / Normal cycle was no exception. The was able to dry the load in its stated time.

The took a long time to finish its Delicates cycle, but it did a pretty good job extracting the water. You'll wind up with nearly bone dry laundry.

While it might take a ridiculous amount of time to get the job done, the will make sure the bulky cycle finished with dry laundry.

The finds itself towards the low-end of the quick dry cycle gamut with its Speed Dry cycle. While we've seen some models' quick dry cycles evaporate almost all of the water in the load, it typically took long enough to make the "quick" part of the cycle name seem like wishful thinking. Typically quick dry modes last 10-20 minutes and evaporate less than half the water in the load. The was able to remove a little more than half of the water in 15 minutes. This isn't a great performance, but it's also not the worst we've seen.

The control dial lets you select from quite a few different preset cycles: Wool, Delicates, Bedding, Towels, Perm Press, Heavy Duty, Normal, Sanitize, Time Dry, Quick Dry, Air Fluff, Refresh, and Wrinkle Away.

Controls 1 Photo

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