For everyone else, say "beam me up, Scotty" to the . This machine showcases an impressive 8" LCD touchscreen with Smart Control, allowing users to partially pilot their dryer remotely with a smartphone and simultaneously complain on Facebook about how they just coughed up a honking $1,799.00 (MSRP) for a dryer with an app that lends no particular advantage.

The trouble here is that we still must use our body parts to gather our smelly socks and throw them into the dryer to begin with. Plus, we must touch a button on the dryer to get the app to connect in the first place (and the app doesn't remember the dryer upon relaunch). The point here? At frequent, unavoidable points, we must stand next to the dryer, so we may as well push its start button while we're at it. I know - so old fashioned! This app is no robot, and we are not impressed, but at least you can check the time remaining from your phone downstairs instead of tromping over to the laundry room.

Happily, this dryer embodies more than just Derek Zoolander-like qualities, because although its app may have come from the Center for Things that Don't Work Good, its laundering skills are the tops. Find it on sale (we did, for about $1530) and enjoy the fact that the cycles do a superb job, including the Quick cycle for once. The design and usability are mostly top notch too (even if you never connect it to your iPhone), with easy navigation and cheery musical interludes to lift the spirits of even the surliest launderer.

The is a handsome machine with a dark, sleek exterior and a glowing 8" LCD touchscreen control panel. It wears only two real buttons - Power and Start - which are situated on the top right side.

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The interior of the CDWT980VSS.

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The lint trap folds in half with a snap and slides into a slot in the door well. We hate it. To clean the trap, one must remove it and unfold it, which requires digging a thumb nail into a narrow groove to try to unsnap the thing. During testing, our fingers took a bit of a beating, as the trap often stubbornly stuck together and refused to open without greater exertion.

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Olympus SZ-31MR iHS side views

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This Samsung did very well on practically all of our water removal tests, frequently evaporating 100% of the moisture and occasionally using truly optimal temperatures in the process. The real downer here is the team of slugs that evidently powers the Delicate and Bedding PLUS cycles, taking their merry, slug time of well over an hour.

Apart from a slightly hotter temperature than need be, 148 degrees, the Normal cycle did a fine job. It finishes its work in a reasonable 42 minutes and removes every drop of water.

As the time worn saying goes, never believe a Delicate cycle when it says it will finish drying your panties for you in thirty minutes. Like all the rest, this machine's Delicate cycle means 97 minutes when it says 34 - just lies through its teeth! We won't complain too much though, because the temperature is truly optimal at a gentle 112.6 degrees, and it removes 100% of the water.

The bulky cycle on this machine, which Samsung calls Bedding PLUS, removes an uninspiring 74% of water from a load, which is basically on par with most other machines. The PLUS apparently hints at how users must load the laundry and hit start, "PLUS" run back to the machine and untwist the comforter midway through the cycle in order to dry it completely. "PLUS" it takes 82 minutes. "PLUS" if you opt not to fluff the comforter halfway through the cycle, it twists up like a little white mummy with soggy insides. Gross. No one wants their comforter to look like Frodo Baggins after his untimely spider attack.

This Quick cycle quickened our pulse, outperforming Quick cycles in general by a leap and a bound. The cycle reached an impressive 139.7 degrees, expelling 100% of the water from the laundry - a very uncommon feat for Quick cycles, even on many high-end models. We applaud you, .

This Samsung features a whopping 14 cycles: Eco Normal, Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Delicates, Active wear, Bedding PLUS, Sanitize, Wool, Time Dry, Quick Dry, Air Fluff, Refresh, and Wrinkle Away.

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