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Bridging the Divide: A Miele Exec Explains the US and European Markets

Different markets, different expectations


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It's no secret that Americans and Europeans have different preferences when it comes to appliances. In Europe, energy prices are high and spaces are small, so efficiency and design are key. Americans value speed, performance, and low upfront prices.

Regulatory differences and voltage issues further complicate the matter. And that's why you'll never see most of the companies at IFA at your local appliance retailer.

Some, however, bridge the gap. As one of the few manufacturers whose products regularly cross the Atlantic, Miele is in a unique position to understand the differences between the two markets. We spoke with Christian Gerwens, who is in charge of the German company's operations outside of Europe. He gave us some insight into what it takes to be successful in two totally different cultures, and talked a bit about future products.

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