Catch Some 'Za's With This Delicious Pizza Bed

Tuck yourself in... to pizza.


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Do you consider yourself a pizza freak? Is this shirt currently in your closet or on your person? Do you often find yourself wishing you could sleep between the saucy crust and the greasy cheese layer of a giant pepperoni pizza?

If you answered "yes" to some of these questions, perhaps it's time you donate to the Pizza Bed Kickstarter project. (Or see a therapist.)

"I'm here because I love pizza and I want to sleep inside it."

Claire Manganiello, a Brooklyn-based art director and self-described "pizza enthusiast," has a dream: to crawl inside of the cheesy, velvety contours of a pizza, and sleep where it's "safe and warm." And, thanks to the wonders of crowd funding, she's sharing that dream with the world.

"I'm here because I love pizza and I want to sleep inside it," Manganiello writes. "If you feel as strongly as I do about the most perfect food in the universe, then the Pizza Bed is the bed for you."


Each piece of the bed set represents a different component of delicious pizza: sauce, cheese, and crust.


Here's how the Pizza Bed breaks down: Both the fitted and flat sheets feature a high-resolution rendering of red pizza sauce, the pillow cases are the spitting image of a pizza's crust, and the duvet cover is a hyper-realistic depiction of cheese and pepperoni in all of its greasy, delicious glory.

If that's not enough to get your mouth watering, all of the fixings will ship in custom boxes that mimic pizza boxes.

Manganiello has offered incentives for backing the project with everything from positive vibes for your next slice of pizza (for $1) to a one-of-a-kind piece of pizza-themed art for $1,000.

Of course, several backing tiers include the Pizza Bed itself, in various standard mattress sizes. Manganiello assures her pizza-obsessed brethren that she's serious about the project, and that she's already contacted potential suppliers and has reviewed fabric samples.

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At the time of publication, the Kickstarter project has raised a little under $19,000 with help from 174 backers—still far short of the ambitious $125,848 goal with 17 days to go. The project ends on December 29, so pizza freaks are running out of time to help Manganiello's dream become a reality.

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