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Exploded! The Insides of Appliances Revealed

Appliance makers remind us just how complex their modern machines are in these exploded views.


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One of the coolest parts of walking a trade show floor, especially one as large as the IFA show in Berlin, is the great lengths that manufacturers can go to explaining their products. Case in point: appliances.

Unfortunately, many people don't think of appliances as being anything more than dumb boxes that heat, cool, wet, or dry. But the fact is, some truly remarkable engineering goes into the modern appliance. To illustrate that point, many booths featured exploded views of their products so you could pause, if only for a moment, to marvel at the complexity.

Miele W1 Washing Machine

There are many parts to a dishwasher

Behind the control panel you'll find a circuit board that translates your wash instructions into orders for the machine

Inlet valves in the back draw water into the machine

Think the bottom is hollow? On the contrary, there's quite a lot down there.

The motor that drives the whole machine

Leibherr CBNpes 5167 Refrigerator

Leibherr definitely made a statement with this massive exploded view of their fridge

Even something as simple as drawers becomes a complex part of the design

Kind of intimidating from this angle, no?

The condenser, evaporator, and fans are in the back and bottom of the fridge

The finished product, as you normally see it, on the right

LG Dryer With Heat Pump Technology

This isn't necessarily an exploded view, but it was very cool to see.

LG Dishwasher

Another Vine from the LG booth shows what really happens inside your dishwasher. Hint: there's water.

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