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Mighty Mug is The Best Thing for Coffee Since Milk (video)

A mug that can't tip over? We see if that claim holds any water—or coffee, for that matter.

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Drinking coffee is a necessary and daily routine for most of us. I wander through a fog of sleep and confusion until I get my first sip of the dark go-juice we all know and love. Often times, while still under the influence of the previous night’s slumber, my dopey body decides to go rogue and knock things around. Sometimes that thing is my coffee mug, full of the very means of my delivery from the Sandman’s clutches. The only thing worse than having coffee and losing it, is never having coffee at all. Finally, someone somewhere is attempting to save awake and thinking me from my other early-morning self. A coffee cup that can’t tip over? Even if I whack it really hard? Or put it on the very edge of my desk, against the advice of my coworker, and perilously close to my cell phone? The Mighty Mug claims to deliver on that promise. Watch our video and decide for yourself whether or not their claims hold any water, or coffee, for that matter.

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