New Clothes Conveyor One-Ups Your Walk-In Closet

Why walk to your clothes when they can come to you?


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Walk-in closets are an essential element of any high-class house. Nothing says "I've made it" quite like an entire room dedicated to your designer clothes.

But Italian manufacturer Metal Progetti thinks you can do better. After all, there's something positively plebeian about walking anywhere, even if it's just to go inside your massive closet. In a truly luxurious home, your clothes would come to you!

Metal Progetti's new "Dynamic Closet" makes that happen. It's a hanger rack on a conveyor belt, just like you might find in a dry cleaning shop. That only makes sense, because the company is one of the chief suppliers of automated garment hanging and folding systems, including those used at your local cleaner's.

So your garments hang on a conveyor belt (or two, stacked vertically to separate shirts and pants) and, at the push of a button, rotate around to provide easy, organized access to whatever you're in the mood for that day. Plus, as opposed to a walk-in closet, the Dynamic Closet's ability to pull garments from inaccessible areas actually frees up usable space. Room for a new en-suite perhaps?

Metal Progetti also has plans for a smartphone app that will remember each outfit's location on the rack(s), and access your favorites without the need to look for them. The company also advertises the Dynamic Closet as a painless, one-button way to accomplish the seasonal wardrobe changeover.

Each unit is hand-crafted and fully customized to suit your space. They're not ugly like the dry cleaner's, either. These come lined in leather, chrome, or whatever your home decor calls for.

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The Dynamic Closet is available now. Metal Progetti itself is looking for $6,200 per conveyor, so expect your price to be a bit higher after your builder tacks on his margin.

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