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Smarter Washers and Dryers from LG

LG unveils an NFC feature called Smart Link for washers and dryers.


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LG just unveiled an NFC feature to its washers and dryers called Smart ThinQ. It allows you to look up a washing cycle on your smart phone to find the exact temperature and spin speed you need.

Then, you can just tap the phone near the NFC tag on the washer and it will upload and start the cycle. This move is part of LG's mission to create a natural and stress free smart integration. Although the Smart ThinQ features are available via Google's app store, the smart link will not be on the market until 2013.

After the cycle has started, you can track your washer's progress from anywhere by checking your phone, LG is planning to launch a whole line of appliances that have smart connectivity.

Of all its upcoming washers, LG is going to create seven new top loaders and 15 new front loaders. Amongst the top loaders is a new model that carries the hydro field feature. This is an application of a coating that will protect the washer's electronics from moisture, allowing for longer product life.

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