Soap Opera? New Rom-Com Is About Washers in Love

This gives a whole new meaning to, “Is your washer running?”


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Sentient appliances aren’t a new idea, but the way they’re usually portrayed on the big screen is pretty predictable. They’re either anthropomorphized cartoon characters (The Brave Little Toaster, Beauty and the Beast) or they’re trying to kill people (The Refrigerator, The Mangler).

Refreshingly, neither is the case when it comes to Ben Roper Films’ latest project, Final Spin.

The live-action short film centers on a sentient washing machine (played by parkour star Thanda Mutero) with a conspicuously human pair of legs. A washing machine who wanders in the woods, meets another washer, and falls in love. And fights a microwave. You know, regular protagonist stuff.

Here's how the producers describe it:

Have you ever been walking somewhere and you've come across a random object that has no reason to be there? Final Spin is the story of one such object, a washing machine, and how it came to be sitting at the top of a hill in a woodland, miles from the nearest civilisation, next to another slightly larger washing machine. It's the story of a little machine with a big heart and a dream to experience the world, after a long life of clothes-washing service!

Sure, it all sounds pretty strange on the surface, but Roper promises that the film will manage to evoke a real emotional response without ever taking itself too seriously. “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it will change your life,” promises the movie's overly modest tagline.

It's the kind of thing you'd imagine a bunch of film students came up with in a weed-fueled haze.

It's the kind of thing you'd imagine a bunch of film students came up with in a weed-fueled haze, but Ben and his crew are no amateurs. The company has produced commercials for companies like AT&T and Cisco, along with a slew of music videos. There's no doubt they can turn out a quality product, but is there really an audience for a washing machine romance?

Roughly 50 percent of the film's scenes still need to be shot, and 90 percent of the visual effects are pending, so Roper has turned to Kickstarter to secure the £8,200 (~$13,000) necessary to complete the project. Right now, there are no details as to how the movie will be distributed, or where it might be screened. And with just a couple weeks left to go in the campaign, Final Spin is still far from reaching its funding goal.

Final Spin – On Set

Roper says the ragtag movie crew have gotten some "very, very weird looks from dog walkers" while filming in the woods.

Pledges start at £1 and go all the way up to £3,400—a donation that'll net you an Executive Producer credit and all kinds of motivational swag. If you want to contribute to one of the strangest Kickstarter projects ever, now's the time.

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Source: Final Spin via Kickstarter

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