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Specialty Dryer Dehydrates Bras with Infrared

This niche appliance claims to gently dry delicates without the damage.


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Ever ruined a bra in a tumble dryer? Can't spare the time to just hang dry it? Think that blowdryers are only for hair? The Ricasol Bra Dryer 2.0 might be the solution to your dilemma.

This futuristic-looking luxury appliance relies on infrared light and gentle fans to evaporate water, completely drying a bra in 20 to 30 minutes without damage. The Bra Dryer 2.0 can accomodate cup sizes A through H and just about any strap size. Users simple load up their garment (one item at a time), select the shape and padding, and let it do its thing. It won't stretch or burn the delicates, either.

Ricasol's Bra Dryer 2.0

The Bra Dryer 2.0 is not yet in production, but it's expected to cost somewhere between $150 and $200. Interested parties can sign up for updates on availability. Is it practical or necessary? Absolutely not. But if you own a lot of really expensive underwear, this gentle dryer might pay off in the long run.

via Gizmag

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