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No matter which instagrams, Pinterests, and shelter mags you pore over, it turns out that your favorite type of home decor may depend on where you live. Research done by NextDay Blinds, the window treatment company, reveals the most popular home decor items in all 50 states, based on Google shopping data over the last 12 months. Although your home looks different from your friends' homes, once you see what decor everyone is searching for in your state, you may find yourself noticing some commonalities.

Here are the top home decor items people are searching for by state:


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A pouf can be the most versatile little furnishing in any home. Get a bright one, and use it as a footrest, a side table, or for extra seating.


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On a chilly night, the fireplace becomes the focal point. Great hearth accessories are a must.

Arizona—Wall decor

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After you choose your wall decor, arrange it on the floor before you hang it on the wall. Take a picture of it, then replicate the arrangement on the wall.


Credit: Comfort Works

Slipcovers are a convenient way to protect a couch, but they also do a good job changing up the look of the living room.

California—Centerpiece bowls

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A centerpiece doesn't have to be fussy or complicated. Float a single blossom in a bowl, and you've created a simple, memorable centerpiece.


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Trays are a very popular home decor item, and they don't have to match. In fact, it's more stylish if they don't.

Connecticut—Throw blankets

Credit: Pottery Barn

Cozy throw blankets makes any couch the ideal napping spot.


Credit: Ikea

Rustic or refined, filled with wildflowers or roses, a vase is an essential. Mantels seem to get this.

Florida—Wall art

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Art can be anything from framed kindergarten paintings to original works you discovered at a local art show.


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Aroma sets the mood of a room when you have a diffuser and a collection of delicious-smelling oils.


Credit: Amazon

Monstera leaf motifs are the most popular now. Prints are easier to take care of than real monstera plants, too.


Credit: Home Depot

Mirrors can be decorative, but their best trick is making any room look larger. Their second best trick is letting you know if you have lipstick on your teeth.

Illinois—Wall art

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To tie your wall art together, you can hang a group of related items, or a variety of unmatched pieces in similar frames.

Indiana—Wall shelves

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Wall shelves serve as storage and keep knick knacks at eye level.


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You can cover ugly wall-to-wall carpet with area rugs, as long as you use non-slip rug pads.


Credit: West Elm

If your wallpaper is interesting, the room doesn't require many accessories. They would just look busy, anyway.


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When there's no space for a side table or an extra chair, a pouf or two comes to the rescue.


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Hang mirrors near the front door, so you can check your outfit before you leave in the morning.


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You can buy great one-of-a-kind prints on Etsy or at student art shows. Hang them in threes for balance.


When you entertain, you need trays. They're also great accessories for bedrooms and bathrooms.


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Whether it's a real plant or a botanical image, gazing at something green can cheer you up.


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Carry a tray or two of signature drinks into the room at your next party, and all heads will turn. But be careful not to spill.


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There's not much that's more relaxing than a soak in the tub with scented candles burning all around. Choose a different scent for each season.


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If someone wants to eat in the family room, make sure they take a tray to catch crumbs and spills.


Credit: Anthropologie

No need to wait for a special dinner to use your prettiest platters. Fill 'em up with mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and other family favorites.

Montana—Wall decor

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Have fun with your wall decor. You can collect it over time, or buy it all at once.

Nebraska—Jewelry boxes

Credit: Pottery Barn

Those lucky enough to have a wardrobe of jewelry can get beautiful boxes to store it.


Credit: West Elm

Removable wall coverings add high style with low commitment. This is not your grandmother's wallpaper. But she would like it.

New Hampshire—Wall decor

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A space with nothing on the wall looks cold and empty. Hanging stuff on the walls personalizes your home.

New Jersey—Lighting fixtures

Credit: Rejuvenation

Good lighting changes the feeling of a home. Rooms need task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

New Mexico—Bar carts

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Of course you can use bar carts to serve drinks, but they also make great occasional tables.

New York—Mirrors

Credit: Home Depot

An arrangement of mirrors adds sparkle to a room. If you place it opposite a window, it can reflect a great view.

North Carolina—Baskets

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Look beyond baskets as storage. They add interesting texture to room, especially when you hang them on the wall.

North Dakota—Wall decor

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Wall decor can have a theme, but it doesn't have to. You do you.


Credit: West Elm

Removable wallpaper is the new way to change the personality of a room, without being stuck with the same pattern permanently.


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Buy a frame inexpensively from the craft store. If it doesn't match the colors in the room, take it out in the yard and spray paint it.


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A rug gives a room softness and dimension, and it also muffles sound.


Credit: Comfort Works

An inexpensive Ikea sofa comes to life with a lovely slipcover.

Rhode Island—Frames

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A frame without a picture makes a statement. This is actually a design strategy.

South Carolina—Window treatments

Credit: Walmart

Window treatments control the light in a room, and you mostly need them for privacy.

South Dakota—Throw pillows

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Throw pillows add comfort and color to your furniture. Or get floor pillows instead of furniture.

Tennessee—Bar Carts

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Keep a bar cart handy for serving. Load it up with bottles and glasses, so you'll be ready for company.


Credit: Amazon

This unicorn figurine is totally adorable, but if you have small children, you will want to keep it on a high shelf so it doesn't immediately get broken.


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Make clutter disappear with a set of bins. They help organize closets, too. You can't have too many.

Vermont—Wall art

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Wall art transforms a room. If you don't have much furniture, make sure the art is compelling.


Credit: Ikea / Nordstrom / Target

There's no limit to what you can do with trays. Use them at the kitchen table instead of placemats. Hang them on the wall. Keep a few in every room.


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Mason jars are ideal for storage and meal prep, and they make fun serving pieces, too.

West Virginia—Mirrors

Credit: Home Depot

Arrange a group of mirrors on a wall, and they'll make the most of the light in a dark room.

Wisconsin—Throw pillows

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Of course, throw pillows are comfy on a bed or a couch. You could also arrange them on a plain, unfinished bench to dress it up.


Credit: Kohler Home Decor

Lanterns convey a rustic note, creating welcoming spaces wherever they cast their light.

No need to stick with your own state's favorite—buy the things that work best in your home. Design divas, we feel you. Personalize your place, and let it reflect who you are.