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This Smart Mirror Aims to Digitize the Fitting Room

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... can you Instagram this dress?


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Let's face it: Shopping for clothes online is both easier and cheaper. But despite the variety of apparel found online—not to mention the option of same-day delivery from Amazon—there's still one, crucial feature that online shopping lacks: the fitting room.

Love it or hate it (and many people hate it), it's preferable to try on clothes before you buy them. That way, you're not gambling on the hope that a pair of jeans will be the right fit. But it's still such a nettlesome experience.

Isn't there a way to combine the convenience of online shopping with the "try-before-you-buy" appeal of brick-and-mortar shops? One company believes its "digital mirror" is that solution.

You can virtually change the color of your outfit and even add accessories.

It's called the MemoryMirror by MemoMi, and it brings social sharing and other smart features to the boring slabs that are regular in-store mirrors.

The MemoryMirror takes video and images of you as you try on an outfit, giving you a better perspective of a shirt or pair of jeans. You can then compare these outfits to others you've tried on. Even cooler, the MemoryMirror allows you to virtually change the color of an item and even add accessories.

The fridge-sized display is controlled by gestures and a companion smartphone app, which allows you to view your "TryOns" and purchase clothes right from the app. And because items can be delivered, your options are not limited to what's in a given store. You'll also be able to share your "TryOns" through social media—because obviously.

As far as privacy goes, The Next Web reports that the camera-equipped MemoryMirrors will only be placed in public areas inside stores, not private fitting rooms. You can also select how much information the store can retain from your visit... supposedly.

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It's a more clever—and high-tech—solution than others we've seen—such as those "smart" mannequins or JackThreads' virtual fitting room—but it will still probably be a while before the traditional fitting room loses its appeal.

Neiman Marcus is trialling a custom version of the MemoryMirror at its store in Walnut Creek, California. The retailer is already looking to bring additional MemoryMirrors to other outlets, including two in San Francisco and two in Dallas. MemoMi plans to introduce its futuristic digital mirror at other clothing stores as well.

Via: The Next Web

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