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This Washing Machine Fits in a Purse

Are you, or someone you love, a food dribbler? Read on.

Credit: Haier / AQUA

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We all have that person in our life. You take them out to lunch, and before the appetizers are finished, they've already dribbled salsa down the front of their white cardigan.

They've all got a secret remedy too. "You've got to dab the stain with a wet napkin." "No, use an ice cube!" Or, "pour some Sprite on it!" "Wait a minute, I've got a 'Tide To Go' in my purse!"

And now, Chinese manufacturer Haier has an even more, shall we say, "thorough" option. The company recently announced its AQUA "Coton" Handy Washer, a AAA battery–operated, handheld stain remover. This souped-up detergent wand cycles water and a cleaning solution through your stain while gently agitating it at the rate of about 700 beats per minute.

See it in action by watching this weird video:

About the size of a can of hair spray, the 7 oz. Coton is easily stored inside a purse or briefcase for those mid-meal emergencies. Plus, the mechanical action is more gentle on delicate fabrics than a traditional washing machine, so home use isn't out of the question when you just need a quick touch-up.

We think it's a great idea. Mechanical agitation is, after all, the most effective part of cleaning your clothes. Consider the analogy of hand-washing: Use all the soap and water you want, but your hands won't feel clean until you've really rubbed them together. Same goes for clothing stains.

The Coton Handy Washer was recently released in Japan, where it's priced at Y10,800, or about $92. The Daily Mail reports that it's "flying off the shelves." Unfortunately, the company says there are no plans to bring it to the U.S. at this time.

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