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Your Next Washer Will Order Detergent for You

Pet food dispensers and printers will order from Amazon too.

A Tide detergent Amazon Dash button on a washer Credit: Amazon

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The Amazon Dash button is a fascinating manifestation of the Internet of Things, allowing you to order common household staples like toilet paper and pet food at the press of a button. Not to be confused with the Dash wand, these little buttons have a singular purpose: getting you to buy more stuff in an instant.

Now Amazon has announced additional partners for the Dash Replenishment Service, which powers Dash buttons. The service allows product manufacturers to integrate automated ordering into appliances and other devices. That way, when a washer is low on detergent, or a pet food dispenser is almost empty, it can automatically order new supplies.

Device makers can also opt to include physical buttons instead of relying on automated ordering, essentially building the Dash button right into the product itself.

When a washer is low on detergent, it can automatically order new supplies.

The new DRS partners include GE, Samsung, August, Gmate, Obe, Oster, Petnet, CleverPet, Sutro, Thync, and Sealed Air. These companies join previously announced partners that include Whirlpool, Brother, and Brita.

The GE and Whirlpool integrations are particularly compelling, since they'll allow new washers to re-order laundry detergent automatically. But these aren't the only appliances and devices gaining Dash smarts. Printers, smart locks, glucose meters, pool monitors, pet food dispensers, and more will also benefit.

This is Jeff Bezos' dream. Devices that use DRS remove virtually all friction from purchasing decisions. Dash buttons still require you to decide to buy something, but with DRS, your devices will decide for you. For some people, that might be a little scary.