Electrolux EFLS517STT Washing Machine Review

Not too fancy, not too cheap—the 517 is the Goldilocks washer of 2016

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UPDATE: The Electrolux 517 series has been replaced by the 527 series. Read our review of the Electrolux 527 washer.

If your search for the right new washing machine led you here, to our review of the Electrolux EFLS517STT (MSRP $1,099), you’re already on the right track. The company’s all-new washer lineup features some of the best washing machines money can buy: We loved the flagship EFLS617, and we also praised the more affordable EFLS417.

The 517 sits in the middle, and ranges in price from $799 to $999, depending on which color you choose.

All three machines feature a striking black and white LED display encircled by a chrome ring. Like the 617, the 517's display also serves as its main control dial. Matching chrome frames the stainless steel wash drum, where each machine accomplishes its thorough and fast cleaning. These washers also carry 10-year motor and lifetime tub warranties, and are Energy Star certified.

What's Unique?

Minute differences separate this middle child from its siblings, the 617 and the 417.

You still get the Sanitize temperature option found on the 617, as well as the useful StainTreat option, which is designed to target your choice of protein stains, carbohydrate stains, or a broad stain profile. For even tougher jobs, Electrolux’s Perfect Steam feature is also available on this model.

The 517’s drum is ever so slightly smaller at 4.3 cu. ft. (to the 617’s 4.4 cu. ft.), and this model is equipped with an 18-Minute Fast Wash, versus the 617’s 15-Minute Fast Wash. But both are much faster than the best washers of even just a few years ago. Plus, we clocked the 18-Minute version at 16 minutes, despite the name.

Yes, you save around $100 by buying the 517, but you also lose out on the 617's Smart Boost function. It pre-mixes water and laundry additives for a more even clean—so, if you frequently use bleach or fabric softener, you might want to buy the next washer up.

For much more information, refer to our full review of the more expensive Electrolux EFLS617SIW, or our full review of the cheaper Electrolux EFLW417SIW.

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