Frigidaire Affinity FASE7073LW 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer Review

A dryer that offers an impressive list of features and drying performance.


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Frigidaire's packs in a lot of features for a mid-range range of dryers. Depending on which one of the many colors you choose from (we tested it in white -- the model number's last two letters change accordingly), it'll set you back at most around $1000, though you'll likely find it on sale for around $750. The FASE7073 series are some of the least expensive dryers to feature a steam dry option plus plenty of customizable cycles. All of the cycles we tested did a fine job getting clothes dry at a reasonable temperature, though they sometimes took awhile to complete. It's easy to load, though the large number of tiny buttons on the glittery control panel may be confusing for some folks.


There's nothing unique about the design of this dryer, except for the glitter-covered control panel. It can be ordered in colors other than white, but those cost more.

Though we usually don't comment on installation, it's important to note that this dryer was extremely difficult to install due to tight tolerances inside of its electrical panel and vent. Fitting a screwdriver to tighten the plug terminals was a frustrating task. On the plus side, you'll probably only have to install a dryer once, so this shouldn't necessarily affect your purchase decision.

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Though it's oddly shaped, the 's lint trap is easy to remove and clean.

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Speed & Performance Overview

With the exception of the quick cycle, all drying programs took about an hour to complete, varying only in temperature. The control panel indicated times that vastly differed from how long clothes actually took to dry.

Normal Cycle Performance

The normal cycle was the 's best offering, getting clothes totally dry at a temperature of 128.4 degrees in a little under an hour.

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Delicates Cycle Performance

We've stopped expecting accuracy from any dryer's estimate of how long a delicates cycle would take, and this one proved that was the right decision. Cycles lasted between 49 and 53 minutes -- more than twice as long as the 20 minutes the LCD screen promised. Clothes still ended up 97 percent dry.

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Bulky Cycle Performance

The hottest cycle was the bulky program, which got up to 154.3 degrees. It also got bulky items entirely dry, though it took about an hour to do so.

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Quick Dry Cycle Performance

The quick cycle might be adequate for damp clothes, as it only took 25 minutes to get our test load 77 percent dry. That's better than most dryers we test.

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Dry Cycles

The offers nine cycles, each of which is calibrated for a particular kind of fabric or purpose. All the usual suspects are there, too -- including normal, quick dry, delicates and heavy/bulky.

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Each cycle offers a slightly different temperature and time.

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Cycles can be customized for temperature and dry level. There's also a dry time option for the time dry cycle.

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Not all options are available on all cycles.

Additional Drying Options

There are a number of options available on the . The most interesting is a steam dry, which uses a cold water input to moisten the load during tumbling to reduce wrinkles. Such a feature is usually only found on dryers costing hundreds more.


The control panel is dominated by a big cycle selector knob. Next to it is a glitter-covered swath of plastic membrane keys, all identical in size and shape. A backlit LCD screen shows how long is left on a cycle, though it's rarely correct.

One particularly frustrating aspect of the controls is that the dryer doesn't have an on/off switch. It goes to "sleep" after it's not used, and only comes back to life a few seconds after pushing any button on the panel. It's a short delay, but it doesn't have to be there at all.

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An average-sized door is easy to open and close, and lets you load laundry without any issues.

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Lint Trap

Though it's oddly shaped, the 's lint trap is easy to remove and clean.

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If you're looking to buy a dryer with a steam cycle, plenty of features and good drying performance, the should definitely be on your list. Found on sale for about $750 depending on color, it got clothes dry in all our tests and had some features that are surprising for this price point.

We weren't fans of the Frigidaire Affinity's cluttered control panel, and we felt that it could benefit from an on/off button. The cycles took a little longer than some higher-end dryers we've tested, too. Still, you could do a lot worse for the money than this Frigidaire.

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