Kenmore 28102 Washing Machine Review

This Kenmore is the fraternal twin of a Whirlpool we know and like.


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The Kenmore 28102 (MSRP $949.99) is very similar to the Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum WTW8100BW. They're made in the same factory, use a similar design, and even the cycles are almost identical. The Kenmore brand is found only at Sears (and some KMart locations), and relies on products made by other manufacturers. In this case, that manufacturer was Whirlpool.

The only differences between the two machines are price (the Kenmore appears to be semi-permanently on sale for $50 less than the Whirlpool) and user interface. Otherwise, these models should be considered functionally equivalent. Pick whichever you like!

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Design & Usability

A few changes, but it all comes out in the wash

Differences between the Kenmore and Whirlpool interfaces are largely cosmetic: The Cabrio has a black background with green LEDs, while the Kenmore has a grey background with green LEDs. The 28102 also uses a slightly different, slightly smaller cycle dial. It makes things slightly harder to see than on the Cabrio, but similar indicator lights make clear which cycle you've selected.

Controls Comparison

We're not so different, you and I... (Whirlpool on the left, Kenmore on the right)

The 28102 also offers three minor options not found on the Cabrio 8100: Prewash, "Stain Boost" (in lieu of the 8100's "EcoBoost"), and a "Tap Cold" temperature option.

Performance & Features

Two of a kind

Based on our lab tests of both machines, we found that stain removal and cycle speeds are similar no matter which machine you choose. On either, you'll get good stain removal from the Whites cycle, a short Quick cycle, and decent water and energy efficiency for a top-loading machine. For more details, read our full review of the Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8100BW here.


Same performance? Better price? Sold.

Between the two, it's hard not to recommend the Kenmore 28102 over its fraternal twin, the Whirlpool Cabrio 8100. But that's only half the story.

The Cabrio 8100 is itself very similar to the Whirlpool Cabrio 8500. In fact, the only difference is drum size. And that washer, the 8500, won our 2013 Best of Year Award for Best Mid-Range Top-Loading Washer.

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So, if you're following along, the Kenmore 28102 is functionally the same as the Whirlpool Cabrio 8100, which is similar to the award-winning Cabrio 8500. Therefore the Transitive Property of Laundry Scores suggests the cheaper 28102 is the most cost-effective of the three! Q.E.D.

Phew, that was complicated. Bottom line, this washer is a really good deal. If you prefer a top loader to a front loader, this Kenmore is for you.

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