LG DLEX3470V Review

A rare product that performs as well as it looks.


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Given the large number of cycles and features available on the , a consumer might think this is a high-end dryer than can offer solid, top quality performance. In this case, that consumer would be correct.

The is a rare product that performs as well as it looks—not only do you get all the cycle variation, expansive control options, and extra features that are clearly visible on the surface, this appliance offers subtle, effective drying that can hold its own with any of the other top dryers we have reviewed to date. With a rather steep MSRP of $1199.99, all those strengths are both welcome and very much expected. Pro tip: You might be able to save some money if you buy this in white instead of fancy "Graphite."

Design & Usability

A few bothersome details mar this otherwise simple-to-use appliance

The uses a striking, graphite-colored finish that distinguishes it from run-of-the-mill white dryers. It's stackable, which means the controls are located above the door on the front. Instead of a dedicated water hookup, there's a pull-out drawer on the top left corner that allows you to add water for steam cycles. Inside is the ever-desirable stainless steel interior drum

The control layout isn't the easiest thing in the world to navigate.

The control layout isn't the easiest thing in the world to navigate. Once you get the hang of it, though, all those buttons will make you feel like an orchestral conductor leading a symphony of dry clothes. The controls have large, easy-to-read text, and the buttons are all very simple to use.

There are only two small issues here: First, the cycles all have a line connecting them to a corresponding dot that lights up when selected. Due to the layout of the lines, it's not always 100 percent clear which cycle you've selected unless you're staring straight at the controls. Second, you may notice in the picture of the control panel that the center is a little blurry. These selections are lit from behind when in use, and it's not the easiest thing to read. Small quibbles, admittedly, but still worth mentioning. At least the door is incredibly sturdy and easy to open and shut.

Performance & Features

A flood of features borders on Baroque while basic cycles execute solid work

Brace yourself—the number of options on this dryer will fry your brain if you're not prepared. The offers essentially every cycle you'll ever need and many that you'll likely never use. Beyond the plentiful basics, this dryer offers Anti Bacterial, Steam Fresh, and Steam Sanitary modes, plus all the customization options that so many customers have come to expect, like varying gradations of dryness level, temperature, and time.

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This is a rare model with a dry-sensor that actually works.

As if all that weren't enough, the has more extra features than you can shake a box of dryer sheets at. The big perk here is the steam drawer. Put in water and not only can you use the two steam-based cycles, you also have access to a Reduce Static feature, which lightly mists clothes as the cycle comes to an end. There's also an Easy Iron feature, which claims to keep clothes at a uniform level of light dampness to make ironing easier, and a Wrinkle Care setting, which keeps clothes tumbling after the cycle is finished to prevent creasing. That's not all—there's the Damp Dry signal, the drying rack, and the child lock. Too many options to keep track of? Never fear—the has the ability to save one customized cycle for future use.

The managed to keep temperatures down and drying quality high for almost every test. The Bulky load was a bit disappointing, but the Delicate cycle really impressed us, drying the contents almost entirely in a fairly timely manner—this is almost never the case for Delicate modes, and a sign that indicates that we found a rare model with a dry-sensor that actually works.


This is much more than just a pretty face

It's almost impossible to find a perfect dryer. Usually temperatures rise too high, clothes don't get adequately dry, cycles take too long, the machine feels and looks cheap, or all of the above. We have yet to find a dryer that nails all of these traits as well as we'd like, but the comes pretty darn close.

Few other dryers can compete with the level of performance and the range of options provided by this machine. A mind-blowing selection of preset cycles, customization options that go above and beyond the standard settings, extra features like steam-based functions and a drying rack—all of these make the a high-end, high-quality appliance that performs as well as it looks. If only the Bulky cycle worked better, this machine would have a perfect report card.

The price may be a bit steep for some consumers - it's MSRP is listed as $1199.99. As of this writing, it's a fairly new machine, so sale prices may be hard to find. They do exist, though, as we found one available online for about $900. You can save even more if you buy one in plain white.

Science Introduction

We can't stop singing this LG's praises, so why not a perfect score? Our testing shows you where performance could be better in terms of water retention, temperature, and cycle duration.

Water Retention Temperature

Removing water is the ultimate goal, but machines need to maintain temperatures that are good for your clothes too

The Normal cycle on the did everything we expected it to, returning clothes to their bone dry weight in one go. The dryer got rather warm, though, with temperatures peaking at 156ºF on some cycles. Keeping an early eye on your clothes might help prevent over-drying, and thus unnecessary wear.

The 's Speed Dry cycle was one of the highlights of our tests. Our materials got 93 percent dry with a safe temperatures high of about 131ºF. Here's the impressive part: Tests prove that the 's Speed Dry cycle offers superior performance to many of the full Normal cycles on competing machines. Of course, it's not perfect—a top score requires clothes to become completely bone dry, but compared with other models, 93 percent is excellent (but it still leaves room for manufacturers to make some improvements).

Delicate cycles frequently get too hot and leave clothes either damp or scorched. The , however, delivered a cycle as close to perfect as any other dryer that we've tested, getting our test materials 90 percent of the way back to their bone dry weight. We realize that's 10 percent away from perfect, but keep this in mind—temperatures only got up to 105ºF. This is admirable, because it means the won't overheat and damage delicate fabrics. You can put clothes in for another 10 or 15 minutes to squeeze out that last 10 percent without any fear of causing your clothes to fade or over dry.

The Bulky cycle was the most surprising and disappointing of our drying tests. Despite the efficiency seen in other tests, the Bulky only got materials to 68 percent of their bone dry weight, reaching 138ºF. If you're going to be drying large items like comforters and heavy blankets, you may just want to set a customized cycle that uses a higher temperature. Otherwise, you'll likely end up having to put items through a second time and use twice as much time.

Cycle Speed

However happy the results may be in terms of temperature and dryness, no one wants to wait around all day for a load of laundry, which is why we take cycle times into account.

Luckily for this LG, time was on our side. Yes, the Delicate cycle was a bit lethargic, running for about 91 minutes, but the Speed cycle wowed us in 25, the Normal cycle took up the usual hour, and the Bulky landed around 56 minutes.

All in all, results in terms of cycle duration was anywhere from average to impressive.

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