LG DLEY1701V Dryer Review

Good for day-to-day drying, but fancy cycles can throw it for a loop.


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The LG DLEY1701V (MSRP $1,099 in graphite or $999 in white) is a 7.3 cu. ft. dryer that excels at normal mixed loads, but trails behind on other tasks. For a machine with 12 cycles, including a rack dry, that's somewhat disappointing.

However, an interesting design almost makes up for any pitfalls. The control panel is placed at the front to make buttons easier to reach and read, and a large capacity can swallow quite a lot of laundry. If you normally dry large loads on the Normal cycle, the LG DLEY1701V is worth a look.

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Design & Usability

Business in the front

Though this dryer is designed to match a top-loading washer, its controls are on the front of the top of the machine rather than on a rear panel. This design ethic makes a lot of sense for the WT1701CV, the accompanying washer. Having the controls at the front allows the lid to be open and keep the controls accessible, and its easier to read and reach the buttons.

The idea makes a little less sense for the dryer, but it's still easier to reach. Plus, no dials and no raised buttons creates a seamless look.

However, all the buttons are touch-sensitive. While testing, there were a few times that we accidentally started the DLEY1701V. Oddly, cycles are split between "Cycle 1" and "Cycle 2" menus, rather than one big selection.

Performance & Features

Hits the target, but no bullseye

The LG DLEY1701V did fairly well at getting moisture out of the laundry. It did the best with mixed loads on Normal, getting every drop of water out. It did take an hour, however, which a few minutes longer than we'd like to see.

However, it struggled on the Bulky cycle test. You might think that with a massive 7.3 cu. ft. drum, this dryer would make short work of a test comforter. Not so. After 55 minutes, our test comforter came out 70 percent dry. You'll need another cycle before it's ready for your bed.

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Dryer Rack

A rack for your shoes and delicate items

On the features front, this dryer has it all. We'd probably count the rack dry feature the most useful. When the rack is placed inside the drum and the rack dry feature engaged, the drum doesn't spin. This means you can dry things that can't withstand a tumble, like shoes and delicate items. It's great for drying boots in winter, and with a steam cycle you can even clean fragile items like stuffed animals.

For the price, you're paying for the plethora of features that the DLEY1701V carries. If you have need of a rack dry or wrinkle reducing cycles, it's worth it.

For in-depth performance information, please visit the Science Page.

Before You Buy


The front view of the LG DLEY1701V (LG photo)

Made for large families

The LG DLEY1701V dryer is large and uniquely-styled. Combined with its companion washer, the 5.0 cu. ft. LG WT1701CV, you get a pair that's easy to use and designed for large loads above all else.

The DLEY1701CV is on its best footing when its dealing with mixed loads, your typical load of laundry.

If you're a laundry generalist, tossing everything in and hitting the Normal cycle, this one may do the trick.

By the Numbers

Science is the basis of the philosophy. By using objective data, we can present you rational opinion about dryers like the LG DLEY1701CV. With dryers, it's all about the ability to remove moisture from laundry without damaging it. So we place sensors in the dryer during each test to measure the temperature and humidity inside the drum, ensuring that clothes get dry enough without damaging heat.


An example of the sensors we place in each test load

Normal & Delicates

The Normal and Delicate cycle tests involve wetting an approximately eight-pound load to 1.7 times its weight. These loads are placed in their respective cycles with temperature and humidity sensors.

This is where the LG shone the brightest. The Normal cycle took about an hour and got clothes completely dry.

The Delicates cycle also took an hour and got our test laundry, on average, 82% dry. More importantly, it stayed within our temperature threshold. Dryers that get too hot can damage clothing. This cycle reached a maximum temperature of 120.2°F—only about 10ºF hotter than other, less effective Delicates cycles.

Bulky & Speed Dry

Dealing with bulky items is no easy task. Our tests take a test comforter and wet it to 1.5 times its weight.

The LG DLEY1701CV did fairly well in this test. In 55 minutes it got 70% of the moisture out of the comforter. That's good because its common practice to flip a comforter and run the Bulky cycle again. However, we feel that the time-to-dryness ratio could have been better.

To test the Speed Dry cycle we take a four pound load and wet it to 1.7 times its weight. The Speed Dry was true to its name, finishing in 25 minutes. True, there are faster cycles out there, but they don't remove 82% of moisture. This was accomplished by being the hottest cycle, reaching temperatures north of 168°F.

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