LG WM4070HVA Washing Machine Review

The perfect mix of strength and speed.


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The LG WM4070HVA (MSRP $1,399.99 for platinum or $1299.99 for white) is a competent washing machine. It combines quick cycle times and good cleaning ability. With the TurboWash feature, you can finish an eight pound load of laundry in less than an hour. However, this washer suffers a little from Everything-and-the-Kitchen-Sink syndrome, and the WM4070HVA's 13 washing cycles and 15 cycle modifiers may overwhelm, but if you like precise control combined with good cleaning performance, then the LG WM4070HVA may be for you.

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Design & Usability

A good aesthetic, inherited from other LG's

The front of the 4.3 cu ft. WM4070HVA looks a lot like the 5.2 cu ft. WM8000HVA, albeit smaller. That works in its favor, saving space in every direction including needing six less inches for door clearance. The tub is even tilted downwards for easier reach.

The overall look of this washer can be summed up in one word: smooth. There are no sharp corners or rough edges. Everything is rounded off, and the only straight lines to be found are on the handles.

Although it feels right, sometimes this washer doesn't look right. The LCD lights and displays are painfully bright. If you were in an ill lit basement, the lights on the dial would wash out any of the text. It's a minor oversight, but it's literally glaring.

Performance & Features

A good mix of features and performance

The LG WM4070HVA has plenty of features to meet your needs. First and foremost is Turbowash. This feature, which won our 2012 washer innovation award, reduces cycle times by using a special jet spray pattern. With loads smaller than eight pounds, this feature can reduce Normal cycles down to 38 minutes. However, our tests clocked it in around 45 minutes on this machine. Either way you're saving time with each load.

LG TurboWash

TurboWash uses a spray jets to lessen cycle times without sacrificing cleaning performance.

The internal water heater allows the WM4070HVA to create steam for selected cycles—good if you want to sanitize items. Combine that ability with the 4.3 cu ft. capacity, and you have a machine fit for a family with small children. Those cloth diapers won't know what hit them.

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All those doodads aren't worth much if this machine can't clean your laundry. Luckily, this LG gets the job done. Amongst all the cycles, we found that Heavy Duty was the most powerful, followed by Normal and Bright Whites. That's a good sign, since that covers the vast majority of all your laundry needs.

If the WM4070HVA's cleaning performance is impressive, it's efficiency ratings are superb. You're liable to save $300 over the lifetime of this machine if you switch over from a top-loader. This washer thanks to both low power and water usage.

For in-depth performance information, please visit the Science Page.


LG WM4070HVA Front

The lack of sharp corners make for a smooth looking machine.

Competent at all levels

If you're looking for a washer that is versatile, and customizable, that'll fit your laundry, but sit in your laundry room, you can't go wrong with the 4.3 cu ft LG WM4070HVA. It offers good cleaning performance at quick speeds and plenty of features.

From steam to programable cycles, the WM4070HVA covers all the higher-end bases. Probably the biggest deterrent for consumers will be the price. With a $1,399.99 MSRP, this appliance isn't cheap. However, should you find it on sale, we suggest you to check it out.

By the Numbers

Here at the appliance labs, relying on hard data is paramount. On this page, we'll go over the numbers and the conclusions we draw from them. For washing machines, this means cleaning performance and efficiency.

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning performance makes up the largest portion of a washing machine's score. It is determined by using swatches of cloth mechanically coated in everyday household substances like red wine and cocoa powder. These stain strips are washed with a special, standardized detergent. When the washing cycle is finished, we scan each swatch with a spectrometer to see how much of the stain was lifted.


Before and after Normal cycle. From the left: control, sweat, dirt, blood, cocoa, and red wine.

The LG WM4070HVA performed best on the Heavy Duty cycle. Amongst that cycle, this machine powered through red wine, cocoa, and blood stains, but struggled a little with sebum (sweat) and dirt stains.


Efficiency is a two-pronged aspect. It's about what goes into a machine and what comes out. What goes in is water and electricity. In this regard, the LG WM4070HVA excelled. Based on national average costs, we estimate that the yearly running cost to on the order of $34. That's about half of what the traditional top-loader costs, and on par with other front-loaders.

The second half of the efficiency equation is water retention. This is how much water is left in your laundry after the cycle has completed. The wetter your clothes are, the more energy your dryer will need to expend in order to make them wearable. A good washer will spin out at least half the moisture. The WM4070HVA averaged around 57% which means it gets a passing grade, but no gold star.

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