LG WT7500CW Top Load Washing Machine Review

LG gave the people what they want with this top-load washing machine

The LG WT7500CW works well as a washer for a large family. Credit: / Jonathan Chan

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Time and time again, we hear from consumers who are fed up with how today's newfangled washing machines take too long and don't use enough water. If you're nodding your head in agreement, then the LG WT7500CW (available at AppliancesConnection for $940.10) is the right kind of washer for you. It's a 5.2-cu.-ft. top loader that doesn't skimp on water or speed, but still gets clothes clean.

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Stain Removal: We test stain removal by using a photospectrometer to record how much of common household stains a washer can eliminate. We also place temperature sensors in each cycle to see if a washer is using enough hot water at the right time. Based on the data we gathered, the LG WT7500CW added all the right mixtures of hot water and detergents to maximize stain removal. While it lacked an internal water heater to deal with tough oil stains, this washing machine removed protein, cocoa, and red wine stains better or as well as any other washer in its class.

Water Plus: If you think that your washer doesn't use enough water, Water Plus is the answer. This option is a lot like the Deep Fill feature found on GE's newest top loaders. On average, Water Plus adds about 20 percent more water to every cycle but Bedding. With water plus activated, you can get a Normal and Heavy cycle that uses 18 or 48 gallons, respectively.

TurboWash: Does a 30-minute Normal cycle sound appealing to you? Our test results showed that TurboWash can deliver. It's a special spray program that helps quicken a cycle without losing any performance. However, the 30-minute Normal cycle only works with about one basket of laundry, any more and you're looking at an hour.

A massive drum: A 5.2-cu.-ft. capacity doesn't make the 7500 the biggest top loader, but it isn't anything to sneeze at. The LG WT7500CW is large enough to handle a king-sized comforter and still have room left over for pillowcases.

Cold Water Wash: Getting clean clothes is a matter of scrubbing, detergents, and temperature. Take one away and you have to up your game with the other two. The 7500 has a Cold Wash option on certain cycles. When engaged, cycle times will be longer, but you'll have peace of mind that you're getting the most eco-friendly wash possible. All of our research shows that with the right detergents and extra time, Cold Water Wash gets the job done.

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The TurboWash feature allows you to complete a Normal cycle in 30-minutes. However, for loads bigger than eight pounds, all bets are off.

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Despite these benefits, our tests showed that the 7500 isn't the most evenhanded of washers. Using special squares of cloth, we're able to measure how harsh a washer goes on clothes. During the same cycle, we found wildly varying amounts of wear. Some variation is to be expected, but the 7500 was far off the mark. That means it does a poor job of moving laundry around the drum. Some items get stuck while others bear the brunt of the wash.

Steel bubbles
Credit: / Jonathan Chan

In theory, the bubble pattern on the interior is supposed to clean clothes without damaging them.

And while most of the 7500's features are great, StainCare isn't up to snuff. The manual suggests it's the perfect solution for heavily soiled items–gradually adding hot water to deal with stubborn stains. However, after testing it out, we found little benefit. We activated it during the Normal cycle and found it lifted three percent fewer stains, yet took twice as long.

LG Top Load Washer In Action
Credit: / Jackson Ruckar

The clear top on this washing machine lets you watch your laundry as it gets washed.

Finally, if you're interested in saving water, the 7500 is not for you. Even if you don't use the Water Plus feature, we estimate that this washer will cost around $61 a year to run, about double the consumption of an efficient front loader.

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

Both these bolts of cloth came from the same Delicates cycle.

Worth it?

Totally. The WT7500CW retails for around $800, which is at the upper end of the top-loader market, but it performs up to its price point. Given that, larger families should seriously consider the 7500. When it comes to the size-to-performance ratio, the 5.2-cu.-ft. LG WT7500CW is head and shoulders above the rest. However, if you're willing to lose a little space to save a lot of money, check out the GE GTW680BSJWS.

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