Maytag MET3800XW Dryer Archived Review

You won't find any fancy features, but it's a good fit for a small space.


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Part of a stacked washer/dryer combination, the holds its own as a dryer, despite its lacks of special features. The whole setup is available online for under $1200.


The sits on top of a dryer in a combination unit. Controls for both washer and dryer are above the dryer's door.

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A small lint filter is set behind the door.

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Speed & Performance Overview

With its limited cycles, the did a very good job getting clothes thoroughly dry in very little time. It did suffer from a poorly designed delicates cycle, though.

Normal Cycle Performance

The did a great job on the sensor dry, low heat cycle, which we used to test its normal drying performance. A test load of laundry emerged entirely dry after 63 minutes.

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Delicates Cycle Performance

Maytag recommends using the "Fluff Air" cycle for delicate fabrics, but 24 minutes of room temperature tumbling just won't get clothes dry no matter how fragile they are. Our test load emerged 89 percent still wet.

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Bulky Cycle Performance

In under an hour, the got a test load of bulky laundry nearly dry. There was still a little moisture left, but a ten minute timed dry cycle would take care of that.

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Quick Dry Cycle Performance

In just 27 minutes on the "Freshen Up" cycle, the got a four pound test load of laundry nearly three quarters of the way to fully dry. That outperforms even standalone dryers.

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Dry Cycles

The has two sensor-controlled cycles with either high or low heat, a timed dry cycle and a "Fluff Air" option. According to the owner's manual, "Fluff Air" should be used for delicate fabrics, but it proved woefully inadequate in our tests.

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Once you've selected high or low heat, there aren't any ways of customizing a cycle.

Additional Drying Options

You can't add any options to the existing dry cycles, which makes this unit less appealing as a dryer.


Controls are shared with the washer, and live above the dryer door. There are only two knobs -- a cycle selector, and a switch that both starts and stops the dryer and turns the end cycle signal on and off. You'll know when a cycle is done when the loud buzzer goes off.

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The door is easy to open, but it's also pretty high up. If you're not very tall or have limited mobility, you may have trouble lifting heavy, wet clothes up to the dryer.

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Lint Trap

A small lint filter is set behind the door.

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Though it's attached to a washer, the $1200 has good enough drying performance that it can compete against standalone washers. It lacks any customizable features or drying cycle options, and its high-up placement means some users may find it hard to load with wet laundry, but its small footprint makes it ideal for homes that are short on space.

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